The history of drinking is very long; it runs through the whole history of humankind. Though there is much evidence of drinking alcohol in human history, no one knows for sure how long ago people started drinking alcohol. Since then, drinking has become a highly debated issue and a serious problem for many people.

Some historians think that people started drinking fermented beverages about 10000 years ago, since people have been intensely arguing about positive and negative effects of drinking. It is well known that often, a cure can become a poison if it is taken in extensive doses. The same is true for alcohol that can actually be good for heart and circulatory system in small doses but can become a lethal poison negatively affecting all systems of the body in case of extensive drinking.

Sadly, the second variant rings true for my brother who has become an active beer drinker some time ago due to negative circumstances in his personal life. Just like many unfortunate people, he turned to alcohol for comfort, trying to drown his sadness and problems in the bottle. However, alcohol is a very cunning thing; at first, it can indeed bring comfort and for some time, drinking does not seem like a problem. Eventually, human body builds up tolerance to alcohol, which means that a person has to drink more and more to get the same relaxing effects from drinking. The other serious problem is both psychological and physical addiction to alcohol that starts to develop as person drinks more and more.

Developing tolerance to alcohol and the necessity to drink more are the main problems of drinking. People who drink alcohol tend to ignore this problem, saying that they do not start to drink more and they can get rid of this bad habit any time they want. Such words are good demonstration of developing psychological addiction to alcohol, which is very difficult to overcome at the late stages of alcoholism. This is why it is best for my brother to stop drinking as soon as possible, before he develops real addiction to alcohol.

The most worrying things of my brother’s beer drinking are negative consequences for his health. According to various researches, there are different possible negative effects of drinking. The short-term health risks are high risks of vehicle crashes, alcohol poisoning from high blood alcohol levels and high risks of aggressive or risky sexual behavior. The long-term risks are high blood pressure, heart and liver diseases, digestive problems, high risks of cancer, learning and memory problems and mental or social problems caused by increasing probability of alcoholism.

Another serious problem caused by extensive drinking is the effect on fertility and sexual performance. Drinking alcohol seriously reduces testosterone levels, causing sexual dysfunction. It also negatively affects the quality of sperm and can even lead to impotence due to the depressing effect on nervous system. It is very important for me that my brother could have a happy personal and family life in the future; this is why it is of upmost importance for him to stop drinking before alcohol takes a negative effect on his body.

In my opinion, every person in this world wants his family members to be healthy and happy; the same is 100% true for me. Therefore, it is very important for me to convince my brother to stop drinking beer before he could hurt his health. It is my belief that the arguments shown above will make my brother seriously think about his life perspective and make a right decision to stop drinking beer once and for all.

Emily Rock, bloger and a writer from