Whilst the COVID-19 advice remains to stay at home, we are providing online and telephone psychotherapy to individuals and couples.

Welcome to The Hudson Centre – Private Counselling, Psychotherapy and Recovery in London

The Hudson Centre is founded on four crucial pillars that represent our core values and beliefs which underpin everything we do. At The Hudson Centre, we take pride in helping others and doing so with the greatest due diligence. We also offer a low-cost service, for those unemployed or experiencing financial difficulty.

The Hudson Centre for Psychotherapy and Recovery is based in the heart of Central London, offering counselling, psychotherapy and addiction treatment for individual adults, couples and families of individuals over 18 years old who are facing a variety of troubles and issues in life.

We help to transform the lives of people through self-esteem, support, insight, courage and hope.

Our success is based on years of research, experience and dedication. Everyone who comes to The Hudson Centre is treated with respect, compassion and empathy.

We are conveniently located near Oxford Circus and are a 2 minute walk from the Oxford Circus tube station.

How can we help?

Call us for help today 020 7493 4488