For foodies and expert cooks, there is nothing quite like the internet. Whether you want to broadcast your neat flambé skills with the skillet-and-pan, search up on new and exotic recipes for cuisines you’ve never tried before, or simply watch a video which features one of your favorite celebrity chefs demonstrating the proper way to de-vein a prawn or skin a goose – it doesn’t matter. With a trusty web subscription (through an accredited ISP like TDS Internet Services), you can experience all the intermediaries and extremes of the human cooking-experience, and have tremendous fun while experimenting and learning with all manner of colorful ingredients; all at the same time. But to do all this (and more), you need an internet service plan that not only equips you with stellar downloading and uploading speeds, but also consistent bandwidths and dependable service quality.

Charter Internet, with its large assortment of stand-alone and bundled internet plans, offers you a complete online solution which not only guarantees all of these things – but offers intricate service protection in the form of anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-hacking shields. So if you’re a professional cook working in a high-end restaurant, or an eager learner starting out on his/her culinary adventure, with mediacom channel packages, you’ve got nothing to lose – and EVERYTHING to win!

Facilitating Distance Culinary Learning

A lot of Michelin star restaurants and chefs offer virtual cooking classes and long-distance courses, allowing learners placed geographically at great distances (often in other countries) to see the pros at work in their elaborate kitchen stations. The chefs start with the basics, by teaching a newer generation of cooks the proper methods of wielding and using basic cooking implements like knives, peelers and graters, and advancing onto saucepans, pressure cookers and grills. They teach learners how to wash fresh produce and crack open an egg, and progress onto steaming a wild salmon and filleting steaks for instant searing. Modern electrical kitchenware, like ovens, kettles, cake beaters, blenders and electrical whisks often pose a big challenge for new initiates entering the culinary world, who often have to struggle for hours on end to simply get these gadgets to do a simple twirl.

Training with the Pros

As they give valuable instructions regarding all of these essential cooking procedures, the chefs always remain weary of the fact that some learners are either simply too slow to catch up, or they require some special attention to alleviate some of their confusions (which may arise during the course of their lessons). This is where the two-way conversation feature, integrated into every interactive web application these days, comes in especially handy – as it allows the trainees to address their queries to their mentors the moment they should emerge in their minds. All of this, of course, is only made possible when Internet connection speeds are kept sufficiently high – and so don’t falter in the event of heavy server traffic. TDS Internet, with the unprecedented and lightning-fast data-transfer speeds that accompany it, proves to be the ideal choice for running such education-oriented and skills-imparting training regimens; as observed by industry analysts over the course of many years.

The Perks of a Fast Internet Connection

For food lovers based primarily in domestic settings, who like to regularly binge on lengthy YouTube cooking videos to satiate their appetite for learning novel kitchen techniques and recipes; subscribing to a reliable and high-speed Internet service plan is a must. Nobody wants to contend with frustratingly slow connections, and the horrific spectacles of ‘buffering’ when playing videos that you really want to run smoothly. With slow connections, it’s not only the streaming that suffers – downloading video content becomes a chore too. In such cases, TDS Internet Speeds is your one-stop solution for great data-transfer speeds; so that you never have to worry about failing connection quality ever again.

Using Charter Spectrum Internet as a Culinary Solution

Whether you’re interested in an Internet connection solely for its own sake, and want an affordable, blazing and secure online experience to boot, or you want to bundle a stellar internet service plan with crisp HD T.V channel offering, and/or a digital phone connection – Charter has got it all. With TDS Internet prices starting at only $29.99 per month (for the stand-alone connection) and ranging to $69.99 per month (for the ‘Triple Play GOLD’ Bundle plan), there are customizable plan options for everyone out there – whether foodie or not!

All of Charter’s unparalleled Internet service and Bundle plans can be easily ordered online from, and installed just in time for your next cooking class or online video session. A reliable internet connection, an engaging T.V plan designed for binge watching premier and HD T.V channels content, and the opportunity to talk non-stop 24/7 (8662007644) – what more could a person want?