Have you ever given one of those beautiful candles as a house warming present or perhaps as a birthday gift to someone? If you have then you will know that they make up for a pretty good present. Whether you want to gift it to a loved one or perhaps you want to simply decorate your own home with candles and aesthetic decorations these candles are the perfect product to go for. However, if you are a fan of candles then you might agree that the creative appeal of any candle is never complete without the creative embellishment of the packaging which contributes to the aesthetics of the candle overall. There are a wide range of candles that are now used for a variety of purposes and the packaging of the candles should represent this. Candle retailers put an extra amount of effort into making sure that the Candle Boxes influence the best first impression. Here are some of the most common types of styles that are used.

Pillow Pouch box design

These are one of a kind and unique custom shapes and designs. This is a one kind box because of its unique design and structure. The unique design is very useful in attracting customers. Sometimes even a simple and regular designed candle will gain popularity and be sold out faster and not entirely because of the functionality of the product. The product packaging plays an important part in impacting the behavior of your customer. The diversity in their sizes is what them perfect for all kinds of candles and products no matter what the size or shape of it might be.

Window Cutout design

Window cutout design of packaging is pretty favorable for your customers because they get to have a look at the product inside on their own so that they can judge them. This is so that they will have a satisfaction that the product is not bruised or damaged and the size and shape are exactly what they expect and are perfect for their requirement. Moreover, it also gives a sense of uniqueness to the boxes. These kinds of boxes are also very useful for presentation that can be put on counter tops to earn more attention from the customers. It enhances the value of your product and gives it a unique touch that might help it stand out better.

Round shape

This is the design that are most common when it comes to aesthetic and functional candles. They do not just enhance the look of these candles but also helps in transportation and offering better protection to the candles. They are mostly made of corrugated cardboard or Kraft material which is not just durable but it is also very good for your brand reputation since it gives your product a unique luxury look and a high-end feel. Kraft is bio-degradable which makes it an option that is perfect for your brand. People will look for your product just because it is a better option for a more green-friendly impact. These materials facilitate customization so it is very useful for all kinds of brands to target their demographic and define their brand. Cylindrical design can be embellished with ribbons, etc. and they will have enough surface area to facilitate lengthy labeling.