Check out the attendees. But to get that price, I’ve got to go log onto the web, go to the website, enter a code, fill out a questionnaire, and then go through the purchasing process? Forget that! I’ll go over here to Vendor Z. And the tallest. And you know what? Chances are I’m going to forget. Exclusivity sells. A little extra effort goes a long way

Reach out to your clients before hand via e-mail and direct mail marketing, letting them know what special deals can be had at your booth. Dirty little secrets that they’d never tell anyone, not even under duress. And the best looking. But most do, whether they’d like to admit it or not. You’ve told me during the sales presentation. When you know what your target audience needs, wants, and expects, it’s easier to provide it for them. I’ve read it on the sign. Not all attendees are the same, and not every buyer on the floor shares these secrets.. Offer discounted prices on the floor model, for the ‘serious buyers only’. Exactly how much is that? Is that a good deal?

In 1966 half the population of the UK did not have a bank account and needed to be paid in cash, and the idea of modern cash machines on most street corners would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction. There are predictions that as soon as micro payments can be made using plastic, then cash will rapidly become a thing of the past. Whether these changes will lead to future payment methods becoming quicker and easier or cause more confusion over what the best card to have is, can only be answered with time.

The predictions are that plastic cards are set to increase even further over the next few years with less traditional providers offering their own financial services to customers. With the removal of annual fees, the addition of financial extras such as travel insurance, customer loyalty schemes, introductory rates, the explosion of online shopping, increased security, variable and low rate credit cards, it is not surprising that UK card expenditure exceeded cash transactions for the first time in 2004 and look set to continue rising

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