Today, all marketing experts are talking about mobile as the future of marketing. The main reason for this talk is that everyone is using mobile phones nowadays and from mobile businesses drive huge traffic on their sites by running marketing campaigns specially designed for cell phones.

But still, it is an undeniable fact that the top mobile marketing channel, that is SMS marketing is not yet properly utilized by the companies because the companies still think it will take a huge setup and budget. But it is not like that, although SMS marketing is the only channel which is the cheapest and reliable marketing medium if we compare it to other marketing mediums.

Most companies that use Salesforce CRM to manage their business are utilizing the 360 SMS App to send SMS from Salesforce. As this is the top and most reliable Application which is available on the AppExchange platform.

The reasons why SMS is the future of marketing

As indicated by USAID, there are more than five billion cell phones consumed around the world. And all of them have the capability to send and receive SMS(Short Messaging Service). And this functionality empowers the businesses to utilize this functionality in promoting their brand and services. And businesses prefer to run SMS marketing campaigns to reach more and more clients in a reliable and budget-friendly way.

The insights on SMS marketing in the creating scene are truly convincing all by themselves. According to a survey held by a reputed company in the mobile field says that more than sixty percent of people prefer to receive offers on mobile than from email and other marketing mediums. In Asia alone, ninety-six percent of all instant messages get read within ten minutes. Be that as it may, we shouldn’t only consider SMS marketing as a benefit driver. Indeed, nobody would contest the amount it enables organizations to help their primary concerns. Be that as it may, it likewise lifts the least of these out of the soil of destitution, and that is the best sort of worthy business cycle.

360 SMS App truly simplifies the SMS marketing process for the Salesforce platform users by providing them the SMS service through its 360 SMS App. It is the all-in-one messaging App from which businesses can send single/bulk SMS to the clients and interacts with them a more effective and simple way by sending SMS from Salesforce CRM. You can also send MMS, as this App also provides the functionality to send MMS from the Salesforce platform.

So, these are the reasons why SMS marketing is the future of marketing. If you are still not including this marketing medium in your marketing strategy, then you would probably lack behind from your competitor. Because there is a higher chance that your competitors are already using marketing channel to reach out to more clients.

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