No, I am not saying that sleeping pills are the safe resort to treat insomnia but it is indeed the last. When nothing seems to work, popping up a sleeping pill can work wonder in blessing you with good night sleep.

Well, taking a sleeping pill seems to be tempting to any insomniac but a myriad of risks, myths and horror stories surrounding this route may scare a person and make him think multiple times before he actually makes a decision to walk on this route. Whether you think multiple times or just pop up a sleeping pill in a single consideration, nothing will change the fact that sleeping pills cause the side effects. 

So, what’s the solution to the situation?

The solution lies not in thinking several times but in taking the tablets in the right way.

You might be asking yourself what is the right way to take sleeping pills? Right?

The right way is to take the tablets as directed by your physician. Never exceed the prescribed dose and take it longer than the recommended period of time. Remember, sleeping pills are for the short term use only, making it longer may cause addition and lessen the effectiveness of the drug. Also, take the tablets just before going to bed and make sure you have at least 7-8 hours of time to give in bed. Not giving you enough time to take sleep may make you feel drowsy the following morning. What is the worst? When you don’t follow your doctor’s advice and take the excessively higher dosage of the drug, it will be equivalent to suicidal attempts that can cause death too. Don’t take the risk of sharing your sleeping pill like Zopiclone with anyone else even if their symptoms seem to be like yours.

The risks of not taking sleeping pills in the recommended way…..

• You can quickly build up a tolerance

• Impaired activities like drowsy driving

• Incapability to concentrate anywhere

• Erratic behavior side effects

To sum up, sleeping pills are no different than other drugs available in the health care industry. It does come with some risks and rewards like other medicines. The wisdom lies in taking the medication in the same way as directed by your health care advisor and buying it from a reputed online pharmacy only. You will not know, though, whether you will experience risks or rewards with a particular sleeping pill until you try it. So just give it a try if insomnia horrifies you at night.