Logistics is the backbone of any country’s economy. You can say that if you want to make any company successful the first thing that you will change is logistics. At an early age, the military use the term logistics. In the war supplying troops and other military equipments are the basic functions of logistics.

But in today’s world businesses use logistics term to describe the efficient flow of goods from one place to another and ship the things from one place to another. As the system got bigger and the demand of customer is increased so here the supply chain comes and play a very vital role in the whole process. A supply chain is the process of multiple things, its includes transport, warehousing, and logistics is the party of it.

The basic difference between a freight broker and Logistics company:

The main responsibility of the freight broker is to manage the whole shipment document and the shipping process on behalf of the company. The customer is not directly involved in the shipping process while in the logistics company, the customer is involved in each process from shipping ON Port clearance to custom clearance everything is managed by the customer. A logistics company is assisting in shipping only.

What is 3rd Party Logistics Company:

This also one of the types of the logistic company but it’s a bit different from the actual logistics company. In the 3rd party logistics company, they own warehouse or inventory management but the other services like shipping, Transport taking from third-party sources.

As time changes several things are change logistics, Now most of the companies that do logistics need any kind of proper system that helps to keep track of the record.

Why Visibility is important in logistics: Think about if you send an order from the USA to Italy and you don’t know the days when it is delivered. how hard is for you and you and you don’t know the status of your shipment. So in order for more visibility, you need the proper system and it can only be done with the help of Information technology.

So by the use of software, you can track the vehicle easily and in this way, you will get your order on time. This is the only way to get logistics on time. There are a number of companies that already work on logistics tracking software.