WhatsApp has introduced a new feature known as WhatsApp Cart for an easy shopping experience for users on this platform. The cart provides the ability for the user to purchase one or multiple items from the same merchant in a few easy clicks. After the selection has been done by the user, they can simply forward it to the seller to have their order placed directly from the app. The amazing feature of WhatsApp has made ordering hassle-free and saved the users’ as well as the sellers’ time by eliminating repetitive messages.

The app now displays a store icon on business WhatsApp accounts, which provides users with the luxury of going through the store catalog. Items can be viewed separately with a piece of brief information listed below them by most sellers. This helps acknowledge the user more about what kind of product they are ordering.

Just like any other e-commerce store, WhatsApp has given users the ability to view the items that are currently in their cart. They may also remove one or more items from their cart as per their desire. If the user is willing to purchase multiple quantities of the same product, the quantity in the cart can be changed to the amount that is required by the user. This helps both the user to view what they have ordered before finalizing, as well as the business to keep track of the orders or queries regarding a product.

The business is also required to have attached a live catalog for the WhatsApp cart to be operational for them and visible to the users. Users can also request the sellers for a catalog in case of facing difficulty navigating to it. The seller then sends a message under which a “VIEW CATALOG” option can be tapped. After that, the user is automatically directed to the catalog. The shopper is also able to add one or more items to the cart and send it to the merchant if they are having certain queries regarding the product.

How does the WhatsApp Cart work?

The excellence of the WhatsApp Cart is about how easy it is for anyone to access it and be able to benefit from it. Be it adding or changing a product or an inquiry to be made regarding the product, all are available at the fingertips of the user.

How to add items to the carts:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to any business account that you have been following or chatting with.
  2. The icon is available right after the name of the business. Tapping on the shopping button or which also seems like a store icon would open the business catalog.
  3. After the catalog is open, you can browse through all the products made available by the merchant.
  4. Tap on the product that you have selected.
  5. Once the product is open, just tap the “ADD TO CART” option to have it added.
  6. You can also tap on the “MESSAGE BUSINESS” if you are having any queries regarding a product in the catalog.
  7. Multiple products can also be inquired about in a single message. This saves the user from sending multiple messages for different items.

Editing your cart:

  1. You can tap on the “VIEW CART” option to view items currently present in the cart.
  2. If you wish to add more products, that has been made simple with just the “ADD MORE” option which navigates you back to the catalog to continue shopping.
  3. The quantity can also be changed once the products have been added to the cart. This feature saves the hassle of going through the same steps for more quantities of a similar product.

Placing the order:

  1. Once you have selected all the products, you can send your cart to the merchant as a message.
  2. After the message has been sent, you will still be able to see a “VIEW CART” option on the message sent. This helps you review what you have ordered.
  3. If you wish to edit a message before sending the cart to the seller, this attribute has also been provided by WhatsApp.

Note: An order is not confirmed unless the seller has confirmed the order from its end. The seller will confirm your basic information required to fulfill the order. For example, your name, city, address, etc.


WhatsApp has provided some payment options depending on the seller. If the user has selected the Cash on Delivery (COD) option, a confirmation is sent to them. As soon as, the user confirms the payment method as COD, the order is confirmed and already in the process of being prepared.

Recently, WhatsApp added a payment service in some countries. that operates via Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The amazing feature of this payment is that WhatsApp does not need any digital payment method itself. All the transactions are automatically made from one bank to another. The user just requires the UPI ID of the seller or the QR scan code which helps them transfer the amount even to the businesses that are not available in their contacts.


The WhatsApp cart is just one of the ways towards business innovation. This has provided users with a whole new type of online ordering which is far unchallenging than others. WhatsApp Messenger is being used by billions of users which is the main reason that users find it much more uncomplicated.

This factor eliminates problems from both the ends, the users, and the sellers. The sellers can view all the products selected by the user in a single cart. Similarly, the user does not have to keep scrolling up to keep a record of what they have already ordered. One tap and the shopping cart provides the entire detail of the order. Not to mention that all of this was done while sitting on a comfortable couch in a peaceful home environment.