The Story of Prophet Adam (AS) and his wife Eve is covered extensively in the Quran. It teaches us about the way Allah brought humans into existence. Adam (AS) was the first human and the first of the prophets. All mankind descended from Adam and Eve. The story of Prophet Adam (AS) teaches us many lessons and conveys powerful messages to all humans.

Allah creates Adam

Allah mentions in the Quran how He created Adam from clay and breathed life into him. All the angels then prostrated to him upon Allah’s command, except for Iblees, who thought he was better than a being created of clay. His arrogance led to his downfall.

Allah told Adam to greet the gathering of angels with the Islamic greeting of Assalamu alaikum, and they replied with walaikum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Adam and Eve live in Paradise

Allah gave many blessings to Adam and his wife Eve, as He documents in the Quran. They live in Paradise, and He allowed them to enjoy and feast to their hearts’ content. But He forbade them from approaching a tree. Going against His command would make them wrongdoers.

Satan, who Allah had expelled, meanwhile, pledged to lead Adam and Eve and their descendants astray. Hence, he began his plot with them. He lured and deceived them into doing what Allah had forbidden them to do.

Satan’s trap bears fruit

Allah tells us in Surah al-A’raf that Iblees whispered to the two inhabitants that Allah only forbade them from the tree so that they wouldn’t become angels or gain immortality. He pushed them closer to the edge until they succumbed and fell into sin.

Adam and Eve ate from the prohibited tree and disobeyed Allah. As a result, their private parts became exposed, and they were dismayed. They tried to cover themselves with leaves from Paradise.

Allah reprimanded Adam and Eve, and they turned to Him in repentance. They begged for His forgiveness. Allah then told them that they would now have to inhabit the Earth and live and die there, as would their descendants, until the last day.

There is no Original Sin in Islam

After Adam and Eve repented, Allah had mercy on them and forgave their sin. Unlike other religions like Christianity, Islam does not believe in the concept of Original Sin. Humans are only responsible for their actions and not those of their ancestors. Allah will hold us to account for all of our deeds and no one else’s.

Lessons from the Story of Adam

While both Adam and Satan sinned, there were many differences between their sins. Adam sinned due to being misguided, while Satan was arrogant. Adam repented upon sinning and begged for Allah’s forgiveness, whereas Satan was proud of his actions. As a result, Allah forgave Adam for his sins, giving us an excellent example of how to act when we invariably sin.

The Prophet (PBUH) stated that all humans sin, and he said that if we didn’t, then Allah would replace us with another nation that would sin and then turn to Him, asking for forgiveness. Hence, we must always repent for our misdeeds.

We should be aware of Iblees (Satan) and his traps. He leads people astray by using very subtle methods. First, he makes us do minor sins that we might not feel strongly about. As we descend further into sin, he begins to make every sin seem small and insignificant. The solution is for us to take all sins seriously and to be aware of his tactics. We should always be wary of Satan.