We are halfway through the year 2020 but the color inspirations are still there to mesmerize. It is no secret that choosing the right paint colors for your house interior can influence your lives. Human psychology and emotions are associated with colors. Make it to your best use.

Painting is considered one of the most affordable ways to transform a living space. It costs less but pays back more. A fresh coat of paint not only makes a difference in the aesthetic appeal but helps in keeping the house clean. The colors can also be used to play with the incoming light rays.

If you have been looking for some color inspiration for your home interior this year, here are the top 10 colors.

1. Classic Navy Blue

This year is all about blue. Different shades of blue are being used to accentuate the prominent features of the house interior. The bold color is suggestive of the dark sky and assures a stable and dependent choice. If you want to incorporate the classic color in your commercial building, hire the best commercial interior painting services.

2. White

White finds its place in every year’s color chart. This year it tops the list but not the boring way. Home designers are adding layers of white and subtle shades to make mesmerizing interiors.

3. Soft Blush

The soft blush color is new hot as it brings a modern and fresh feel to house interiors. Mix it with the warmer tones to create inspiring palettes.

4. Rusty Orange

Bold rustic orange is very popular for the year 2020. The color is used to bring a bold pop to house exteriors. It is generally paired up with white walls and black trims.

5. Hunter Green

Hunter green is another classic masculine color for house interiors. It is saddled with browns to create assertive yet elegant indoors.

6. Terracotta

Shades of brown and terracotta are among favorites. Pair it with warmer yellows to create optimistic and happier environments. It gives a warm and cozy feeling to look at.

7. Black

Black is back with its everlasting elegance. The color is used for creating impressive house interiors.

8. Charcoal Or Grey

When you want the depth but don’t want to use black, grey is your best option. The graceful color looks good in almost every house.

9. Eggplant Touches

If you want a touch of royalty on your walls, go for eggplant touches. The subtle shades add tons of aesthetic appeal. Some homeowners go for the intense tones and use white trims to accentuate the color. The color has a feminine touch to it. The elegance is unmatched.

10. Gold Mango

Gold mango adds the pop of fun to living space. It is suitable for living rooms and gyms. Hire the Best Residential Interior Painting to create flawless house interiors. You don’t want a poor painting job to ruin the effect of the paint color.