Gaurav Marya is one of the iconic figures in the Indian business segment. He is the president of one of the leading franchise firms in India viz. FIHL. FIHL or Franchise India Holdings Limited was established way back in the year 1999 and it’s now the leading online platform where leading national and international brands to offer a franchise to the Indian investors. The company has won the trust of investors through the scrutinized and secure opportunities and is now a preferred destination for investment in a franchise business.

Gaurav Marya and FIHL have been said to have transformed the face of the Indian franchise industry and never has been franchising so easy, convenient, and time-saving in India. The architect is also a very passionate entrepreneur and is a well-recognized face in the Indian and international media. Gaurav Marya has an assistant plethora of company and the retail businesses grow and expand themselves and provided to them a robust platform to find out and avail plentiful opportunities towards expansion. Gaurav Marya reviews show how the versatile leader has almost insured and made certain profits for its clients through the vast and successful network that spans across regional boundaries in India. The online platform FIHL has been carefully crafted and is constantly updated so that the investors get the best of all worlds.

Victim of baseless allegations and false complaints

The baseless Gaurav Marya complaints began to surface in the year 2013. The figments of imagination also showed both Marya and FIHL in poor light. The derogatory remarks took many by surprise and all of a sudden there were suspicions about the firm and the business leader in Indian business and investor community.

The real truth

On further digging and probes, most of these complaints were found to be baseless and figments of imagination. There have been actually no real litigations or legal cases registered against the leading firm of FIHL or its president Gaurav Marya. People with vested interests and malicious intent posted the FIHL and Gaurav Marya complaints to various channels but could not provide any substantial evidence to prove their validity. FIHL witnessed no setbacks and was never really adversely affected by these allegations.

FIHL is trusted by thousands of investors and is one of the leading platforms for availing franchise opportunities in India. The company is also recognized by “Franchise Association of India” and is one of the valuable firms supporting the growth of the Indian economy.