If you are a professional or recreational hunter, there is a lot to keep in mind when shopping for your next rifle. Most importantly, you’ll want to direct your attention toward the gun model and all of its included parts; after all, guns are only as good as their mechanisms. You will want to have a complete understanding of your gun before taking it out for use. In the construction of a firearm, the chassis is of vital importance. Therefore, if you are interested in Savage firearms, you will definitely want to consider the chassis that it is built with. There are multiple Savage Chassis you can obtain for your rifles.

Kinetic Research Group (KRG) is a leading gun accessory manufacturer that can help outfit your firearms and accommodate any level of sport. In this article, we will highlight some of the compatible Savage chassis.

180-Alpha Chassis

This is a favorite among gun owners and hunters alike. The 180-Alpha Chassis is particularly special because it is a more recent development. Previously, the Savage would not fit into the KRG X-Ray or Whiskey-3 Chassis, so the designers and developers went back to work to create a chassis that would accommodate the Savage. This lightweight and ergonomic gun chassis comes in at 3.5lbs, making it one of the few chassis models that weighs less than 4lbs altogether. Even with its lightweight build, the 180-Alpha maintains all of the essential ergonomic elements, as well as mounting options for slings, night vision mounts, and other accessories. Similar to other chassis models, the 180-Alpha accepts AICS magazines, with no bottom or metal purchase necessary. This gun also has the trusted V-bedding system cut right into the aluminum backbone. The new second-generation chassis models have been remodeled, the rear stock has been changed, and a QD sling mount has been added, pointing to both sides at the rear of the gun. This is an extremely affordable setup, coming in at a starting price of $768.00.

180-Xray Chassis

This is another favorite model that is also lightweight, ergonomic, and affordable! The 180-Xray chassis comes in at 3.2lbs, and is easier to carry around than most models. This model is particularly interesting because it incorporates lots of other beloved parts and features from different models. In fact, you can choose a 180-Xray with a lightweight polymer X-Ray back, a fixed back, or a folding Whiskey-3 back end. The 180-Xray also incorporates the ergonomic features of other models and allows for several configuration options to ensure that the cost and weight are within your budget and preference. Like other models, the 180-Xray Chassis includes several accessory and mounting options, which make for a perfect hunt every time. The 180-Xray model comes in at a starting price of only $599.00.

With so many great options to choose from, it seems that KRG is the place to go for all of your professional and recreational gun needs. The experts and professionals at Kinetic Research Group are ready and committed to helping you find the Savage Chassis model that’s right for you. From budget to appearance, they have it all in mind. The folks at KRG know exactly how to help you find what you are looking for.

It’s obvious that there is so much to consider when shopping for a gun; make sure you find a professional who you can trust to help you along this process. With their expert military experience, you can trust that the staff of professionals at Kinetic Research Group will help you make an informed and safe decision about which gun, accessory, or ammunition is right for you. For more information on the Savage Chassis and other gun accessories, visit KRG’s website today!

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