As education is undergoing a huge transformation with emerging technology which enable digital instruction, universities and associations are currently seeking to run entry & semester-end assessments that permit no compromise at the feasibility, safety, convenience, and expertise of students and teachers.

Assessment firms are restarting their distant proctoring solutions with strong AI-based reside proctoring by invigilators which give a simple means to check from the protection of home any moment.


Online proctoring takes place when a digital assessment is supervised and conducted via the internet using the internet camera of this test-taker. It’s made possible with a blend of face-recognition AI applications and an integrated internet camera; it provides immense opportunities for online examinations with EzExam. It usually means that online instruction and certificate suppliers – that are already digital instructors will now be virtual invigilators, able to comprehend and accept applicants wherever they are.


Online proctoring records each and every evaluation session from start to finish, rather than simply via movie: additionally, it captures pictures, desktop and chat logs that are among those couple guarding measures that protect both pupils and proctors.

Video-enabled surveillance monitors the whole evaluation session including any non-standard happenings like a candidate leaving the area or leaning from their internet camera perspective etc.


Allowing of proctoring methods from the online examinations make cheating potentially challenging or state, harder than acquiring a physical investigator at the exam room.

It helps a candidate to be tracked as well as the contents of the Computer whilst doing an internet evaluation, online proctoring with EzExam verifies the identification of a candidate using AI-assisted facial recognition and monitoring system and ascertain when a c.

Identification of if the offender leaves the space

Identifying if there are additional people in the room.

Assessing the eye and eye movements of test-taker, therefore should they look down to get a specific length of time, then this could be flagged as an episode.

Ability to track potential unauthorized usage of a device through an examination.

Usage of foreign items like cellular, books etc. throughout the evaluation isn’t permitted.

Usage of a proxy user rather than the candidate.


Based upon your situation, distant proctoring can offer capabilities that provide you with further control and the capability to intervene in a test situation.

Automobile proctoring: exceptionally encouraged by AI, this flags questionable events and supplies the huge capability to continuously monitor a bigger number of applicants. The app can detect the happenings on display and what’s occurring in the front of the camera. As an instance, if a test-taker opens a browser and also browses other site or program through the evaluation, the distant proctoring system requires screenshots of the action if it happens without allowing the candidate to understand.

Live proctoring: Live proctoring provides the very best of both worlds by integrating real & a human with the technologies. Invigilator control and opens the video feeds with live proctoring also may interfere in real-time if necessary at a candidate’s examination, providing the proctors with an extra amount of safety and opinions to applicants as they undergo a review or test. A dwell proctoring could be used together with auto proctoring or even AI-assisted notifications.

Document and inspection proctoring: This proctoring procedure not only allows further protection but also provides flexibility to applicants who don’t have to fix a while and organize with the access to this surveilling. Rather, the candidates’ audio-visual and screen-sharing feeds have been listed throughout the exam, a proctor then reviews the listed examination, and flags any suspicious action if listed.

Why Go Virtual?

Having the capability to meet applicants’ and invigilator’s anticipation for online instruction, instruction, and analysis of evaluations anyplace anytime is a large reason online proctoring has become more common. The other advantages include:

Cutting and simplifying logistics prices which change the shipping of physical evaluations and transport of documents and personnel to and from evaluation centers.

Reducing turnaround time for signaling and publishing outcomes.

Enter new markets, past geographic gap obstacles.

As plug-and-play technology, online proctoring with EzExam is designed to integrate with your current infrastructure providing an expansion to saving cost and improving the efficacy of an educational business.

Why contact experts to Online Remote /Proctored Exam Solutions:

EzExam provides customizable and powerful options in time to assist the delivery of any sort of internet evaluation at a secured manner that has been licensed by CERT-In (National Agency for Cyber Security) for program security to present informative business “analytics” which helps identify, & construct cost-effective online examination seamlessly together with greater precision in preventing cheating.