‘Problem of Choice’ – No, we aren’t studying economics, but this concept is creating headaches for startups and corporates globally. At the outset, let us acknowledge the importance of a mobile app for companies in this day and age.

The increase in customer engagement, enhanced accessibility for your goods and services all culminate in building customer loyalty. It can also be used for brand-building initiatives while connecting with the ultimate consumers organically.

Nowadays, companies are outsourcing the process of developing their apps to the experts, as in mobile app development companies. As beneficial as it seems, they are spoilt for choice. Hence, this article will provide you with the top 3 mobile app development services you should consider an essential part for helping you align with your business endeavors. 

Design development

The importance of an optimal design and user experience for a mobile app is paramount. From customer retention to engagement, it is predominantly dependent on how seamless the mobile app is.

Hence, we suggest you be as transparent as possible when communicating your requirements to the app developers. The majority of mobile app development services are tailored to suit the requirements. As the scope of customization and personalization increases, you should be able to prioritize the design at the earliest.

The design development stage grows in importance as it reflects the image of your company. The color psychology, the UI experience, and even the minimalism make the customer relate your company to specific features.

For example, Apple and Minimalism go hand-in-hand. Likewise, Zomato and the color ‘Red’ work in unison.

It is essential for the alignment of the values or qualities your company stands for with each of the finest features of the app.

Key Point: Remember, it is not just the companies who are having the problem of choice. The customers are facing the same. Hence, a flawed design can influence your customer to overlook your quality product or service.

Android or iOS – Choice of the platform

Amidst this battle of the elites, you stand to gain the most. Both the operating systems are robust platforms for your app to be placed under.

Key Point: Cross-platform apps — These apps work across platforms. Hence, it is pretty evident that these apps have the potential for the highest outreach.

However, if your audience is segmented, you would want to choose one platform and get your mobile app development services tailored to them.

If you are unsure and would want to compare both the platforms before making a decision, just read along.


The cost incurred — Android is expensive.

Reason: The volume of devices running android is exponentially higher compared to iOS devices.

Security — iOS wins the security facet of app development hands-down.

Reason: iOS App Store’s stringent guidelines for the approval of an app. And regular security updates with the latest update mandated for all devices.

Speed — iOS apps have better speeds.

Reason: The ecosystem of iOS is restricted and allows for seamless downloads and usage.

Programming Languages — Android is easier yet extensive.

Reason: Knowledge of Java and Kotlin is more viable than learning Swift and Objective-C (iOS).

Reach — Android triumphs easily.

Reason: The sheer volume of Android devices.

Quality Assurance and Optimization

After your app has been developed, it needs to undergo a series of functional tests to assess its capabilities and drawbacks. Using programmed scripts and automating it to test the functionality of the app is a basic yet crucial test that any app needs to pass through.

To understand the app’s capacity to handle the load, either load testing or stress testing can be utilized. These tests help in measuring the performance of the app, identify bottlenecks, and suggest rectification measures.

These three steps outline the process of availing mobile app development services for your company. Though an insightful topic, these steps are of paramount importance.