What, if you are doing an important assignment on your PC or laptop and suddenly, you find the display screen dead. Mere a thought of losing all the important data gives you goosebumps all over your body. Do not get panicked. Relax! And take a deep breath. Find a good computer repair centre or service at the earliest.

Here are some of the crucial things you need to ask a repair expert.

1. Knowledge and experience: You must ask the repairman if he had handled enough similar cases as of yours. You need to be sure if he is capable enough to fix your problem. You can check the rating and reviews of computer repair services near you before giving your valuable asset in unknown hands. Only professional engineers can provide successful solutions for damaged caused because of some virus or malware.

2. Backup data: Human are prone to mistakes. You will never wish to lose any of your favourite photos or documents during the repair process. Confirm it from the repairman, how and where will he save the backup of data.

3. Estimated cost& hidden charges: Whether it’s a PC, a laptop or MAC for repair, ask the service centre to give you a final estimate of the expenses. You are lucky if you reside in Cardiff as reliable MAC repair in Cardiff never surprise you with any hidden charges.

4. Deadline to fix the problem: You must have to get back to your work, right. So, do not forget to ask about the exact timeline. Also, the repairman should be capable to explain the problem with your computer or laptop, in plain language. Trustworthy repair services that promise timely repair should be consulted for the best experience.

5. Facilities Provided: Many specialised laptop repair in Cardiff provides you facilities like collecting and delivering your device at your doorsteps. You should confirm such facility charges in advance to avoid any tussle with repairman later.

It is not possible to judge the perfection of the work or repair done in the very first use. One should ask the service provider if it is giving some warranty period to get the problem re-fix free of cost.