Product sourcing from any country is a critical task and needs expert management. When it comes to sourcing from a market as big as China’s, make sure that you pick the best agent for your business.

Product sourcing in China could be a profitable venture with the right agent taking care of your deals. Here are some of the criteria that you need to take care of while selecting an agent.

Good Communication

If you are looking for a purchasing agent, the first and foremost criteria to choose becomes communication power. The better an orator a person is, the powerful bargainer he/she would be. When it comes to any business deal, effective bargaining can widen the profit margins making the deal more worthy. Hence, choosing agents with good communication is prerequisite.

Knowledge Of The Local Market

Prior experience of dealing with product sourcing and knowledge of the local market is must when choosing an agent for business settlements. A person with in-depth knowledge of the local market would be the best to route your business purchases through the best channels. If you are looking for the best products at the minimum cost in China, purchasing agent must know every corner of the market well.


A person with prior knowledge of handling purchasing is always the best person to seal a deal effectively. With more experience comes more knowledge about the bargaining policies and best sources to gather the products from. Hence, a person with years of knowledge in the same field would be best to rely on.

Personal Rapport

Personal rapport in the market is an obvious consequence of all the three criteria mentioned above. A purchasing agent with years of experience, thorough knowledge and good communication is sure to have a good rapport in the market he works. If you engage the same person for product sourcing in China, the probability of getting the best deal increases multifold.

There are plenty of agents to choose from in the market. But, your choice will decide the fate of your business deal. Hence, while planning for product sourcing in China, make sure that you have chosen the right person as your agent to enhance the business worth of the deal.