I do not know if it is your case but when I visit a new city, I like to discover the most touristic places. Touring any destination become more special if you are there for your honeymoon. It’s not only spending good time with your better-half only but I also to find more unusual places. Strolling among the locals without seeing dozens of tourists, is much cooler. So, when I were in Bangkok with my wife for honeymoon we explored some of the busiest places and then we move on discovering few unusual places in Bangkok. So, I’m going to present you 6 places to visit and get off the beaten track.

Phraeng Phuton:

We started our visit to Bangkok unusual for a neighborhood little known by tourists that surprises with its quiet and peaceful atmosphere. If you want to know more about the history of Bangkok, you have to walk around there.

In the past, the area had a Royal Palace, that of Prince Phutaret. When he died, King Rama V appropriated the place and built several houses that stand out for their beautiful wooden windows. Nowadays, the ground floors are occupied by restaurants and shops. You can also see a workshop inside and outside of which Austin and Mercedes Benz cars are parked. These marks are the first to reach Siam territory in the 20th century. In this workshop, people from all over Bangkok came to get their driver’s license.

The people of Praeng Phuton decided recently to restore their neighborhood to give more life to their community and attract more visitors. Thanks to mutual help and government support, they succeeded.

Thanon Bamrung Mueang

As a Westerner, what most transported me in Bangkok, were the temples and the many statues of Buddhas that you can see all over the capital and especially in Thanon Bamrung street. Here, Buddha statues are sold and bought, of course, but also from other religious divinities and even monks who almost seem real. It is one of my favorite streets in Bangkok and the size of these effigies is very impressive.

Dinso Road corner and Phra Sumen Road

We continue with the streets with themes. Here, you can admire the giant portraits of the royal family of Thailand. And if you want to bring back to your country a small memory of the monarchy, these specialized stores also sell other objects to slide in your suitcase, like small trays of the country. It is very intriguing to see at what point the members of the royal family are celebrated throughout Thailand.

Ratchadamnoen Klang Road

If you go to Bangkok, you will surely pass through this street several times during your stay. It is one of the main arteries of the city, near Khao San Road and it cannot be said that it is an incredible street but if you like street art, it’s worth it to stay there. Indeed, at the height of Khao San, the “fences” surrounding buildings to be renovated, are decorated by beautiful graffiti of different styles that deserve to be admired for a while.

Amulets Market and Phra Chan Alley:

The Thais believe in the powers of the amulets a lot. Each one has a small (or large) collection. I still remember this conversation with an elderly and very cultured man who lived on the street and who told me the story of all his acquaintances who escaped death during the Revolution or a car accident thanks to the only power of the amulet that they carried around of their necks.

Well, the belief is so great that there is a real market that represents millions of baths every year. It is very interesting to go to the market of the amulets to feel the almost mystical atmosphere that emerges and watch the Thais examine the amulets with a magnifying glass and demand certificates of authenticity.

If you want to know more about the history of Thailand, take a walk along the Phra Chan Alley. On the wall, you will discover large panels that tell the memorable events that the country experienced.

Chao Mae Tuptim Temple:

We ended our unusual Bangkok by visiting an original temple, a temple dedicated to fertility. And what better is there to represent fertility than giant penises?

Initially, this shrine is consecrated to Chao Mae Tuptm, a female animist spirit that would have allowed a woman to become pregnant. To thank her, the said woman would have left a giant wooden penis. Today, couples with problems to have children come there to leave an offering which explains the profusion of phalluses of all sizes and colors found there.

To visit this sanctuary, do not hesitate to enter the Swiss Hotel’s enclosure (parking side) as it is located inside.

I hope that these places will have made you want to get off the beaten track during your first or next visit to Bangkok. And you, do you know other unusual places? Do not hesitate to share them and if you want to explore these places then reserve your cheap flights to Bangkok now!

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