Recent surveys by private organisations have seen an increasing number of students enrolling in the schools every year. On the other hand, Dubai has also seen an increase in the number of schools, along with a significant increase in quality education.

In the country, 89 per cent of the population are expatriates from different countries. As a result, the school curriculum has to adjust to the needs of international students. The country offers all kinds of curricula – American, British, Arabic, French, German, Indian, etc. Sending your children to the right school is bound to send every parent into a mode of research, legwork and even financial planning. Here is a brief rundown of the process to find the right school for your child –

Choosing a curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum can be challenging, considering the wide range of options for parents. There are all kinds of curricula available with different mediums of instructions. The three popular curricula chosen by parents in Dubai are American, British, and the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Without getting too blinded by the offerings of these curricula, parents need to choose a curriculum that fits the needs of their child. Another consideration they need to factor-in is a curriculum that is accepted worldwide by universities and schools alike. A curriculum with wide acceptability will enable their children to get easily accepted at foreign universities.

Researching ratings

The Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority in (KHDA) publishes regular ratings and annual school reports that provide a more detailed idea about the performance of a school. The reports also come with a parent’s section, which shows how well schools fare on special education needs and the quality of yearly education provided.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi Schools are also inspected by the Abu Dhabi Education Council which publishes its findings in the Irtiqaa reports. Under this council, the schools are tested for overall effectiveness, overall quality of teaching, overall quality of school premises, etc.

Once parents have had a look at the findings published by both of these authorities, they stand to make a better decision about the school they wish to send their children to.

Cost considerations

Ideally, the cost in Dubai schools varies widely due to curricula, facilities, the age of schools and other considerable factors. IB program schools usually have the highest fees in Dubai, and they are followed by schools offering American and British curriculum. While in some cases a high fee might indicate superior facilities and campus also, that is not necessary. There have been less expensive schools in history that have been ranked better by the KHDA.

For a general idea, the fees at a private school can range from Dh 5000 a year to Dh 10,000 or even more annually at a few distinguished schools. Therefore, it is imperative that parents consider the education they need, along with their fee-paying capacity. The sweet spot between all these factors can truly land their child at the best Dubai school for their child.