Adapting the approach to <a href=””>RS gold</a> the reduced capacity sounds like this monthly update thing is temporary till you can work from the

office? Or is it a thing? Which are”present plans”? Before the plans were shelved, it would have been nice to understand that

these. Are these gaps a 3/6/12 month gaps between? And by changing plans does this mean more doing updates/expansions that are


Honestly, I am fine with that if it did sound a little PR’y since they really are throwing themselves at it to be fair. A team

actively look to respond and find opportunity in a situation that impacts production output is quite uncommon in my own

experience. It would have been easier from a development standpoint to stay the course and only accept the slower delivery

cadence – and many teams would pick that option and toss the COVID justification.

Talking to it, pivoting management is no small endeavor. There’s a huge knock in so many areas – brainstorms upon brainstorms,

scoping, reformatting teams, working out the way to make meaningful content on much smaller timeframes and so on. That all takes

work, time and a lot of coordination – then you have to go perform on it. But the hope is that this is the correct way to visit

deliver additive content and prevent big gaps.

However on the WFH front, your situation is the same for some others here in Jagex also, but maybe not for many (particularly

those with children or less than ideal work environments). We have inner Wellness surveys which people respond to combined with

Production Estimates that have proven the gradual decrease in productivity – last quote was over 30% down. I can say I not

working and more emotionally taxed in my best in those circumstances. It’s a tough situation for all.

On temporary or permanent strategy: This is an adaptation to our situation. We want to return to those Archaeology sized content

strikes in <a href=””>cheap OSRS gold</a><a href=””>cheap OSRS gold</a> the future. If this strategy is actually popular, that said, I can not imagine we would not take cues from that in

our post remote-working plans. On the plan: This identifies the stuff we announced at Runefest – that were all parts of content.