TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to watch and share short-term video content worldwide. The platform’s video contents contain funny clips, dance moves, singing lyrics, and lip-syncing contents with special effects. Also, the app has over a billion users active and available in 75 different languages. TikTok became the most downloaded app in 2019, and the platform gained a maximum of the Z generation audience.

You often find the video contents on the platform like lip-syncing contents with the trending songs, voice-over extracts from movies, or comedy clips. TikTok recommends a user to be above 13 years to enter the platform.

How TikTok Works?

You can see the other’s video content when you download the app, but you can’t post or share any video content until you create your account on the platform.

     How To Make An Own Account

Tap on the ‘Person’ option, and you can select the option to sign up using mobile, email, or existing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google account.

Then, you need to verify your date of birth in the next step. If you are below 13, then it appears a text: “Sorry, it looks like You are not eligible for TikTok. But thanks for checking us out!”

Your homepage feed shows what’s trending in your community, and the “For You” page shows the recommendations for you. There is a unique feature on TikTok called “digital well-being” that cares and alerts users who spend above two hours on the platform.

Why Does The Younger Audience Love TikTok?

It is an excellent way for the young audience to express themselves and make short-term video contents to grab a follower and grow the platform around their passions. TikTok also provides some stunning effects to stylish their video content to make it more appealing. Some types of content may not be preferred to be watched by more people. In such cases, you can buy TikTok views to drive enough engagement. You can cross-upload your video content on other platforms to share with maximum people.

What Are Parents Saying About TikTok?

Inappropriate Contents

Parents say that there are many inappropriate video contents and languages on the platform which do not suit the younger people.

Stranger Contacts

Unknown persons seeking to join with younger people is another significant risk that parents need to tell their children.

What Should Parents Do To Safeguard Their Young Children?

You can see all kinds of video content on the platform when you installed the app without making an account. You can’t like, create, or share any video content without creating your account on the platform.

Anyone can see your child’s contents on the platform because, by default, all the TikTok accounts are public. Also, only accepted followers can text them.

Users can like or comment on video content, send messages, or follow a profile. It is a significant risk when unknown persons directly contact the children on the platform.

Young people move forward to take the risk to increase their engagement rates, so every parent needs to talk with their children about what to do on the platform and what they need to share to remain in a safe zone.

You want to request a code from the platform using a mobile number to delete an account.

Safety Features On TikTok

As already said, TikTok contains a feature that alerts the users who use the platform above two hours like Instagram and Facebook. You can also filter out inappropriate content by turning on the restriction mode on the platform.

Make a Private Account

You can set your child’s account as private in the settings menu, so the creator can only see the uploaded contents. Don’t forget that your child’s profile picture, bio, and username are available to everyone in TikTok; even your child’s account is in private mode.

Report Inappropriate Content On TikTok

You have access to report inappropriate content within the platform that does not follow the community guidelines of TikTok.

You can delete a fan or follower by selecting the follower profile you need to remove and tapping the ‘Block’ option from the menu


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