When planning vacations, people often overlook travel insurance because they feel it’s an unnecessary expense. It is one of those mediocre topics that get the minimum consideration and is left to the maybe list of vacation planning. But, thefts, medical emergencies, legal threats, and accidents on domestic and foreign holidays are enough to ruin your personal finances. And hence, it makes a complete sense to purchase travel insurance that offers coverage to almost all the unforeseen incidents including but not limited to baggage delay or theft, loss of passport, personal injury or accident, and trip cancellation.

But, when it comes to choosing an appropriate plan, let me tell you, the task is not that easy as it might seem. Since there are so many options available out there, picking the right travel insurance policy can be daunting. So, to make this process easier, we have listed down a few major factors to consider before opting for any random travel insurance plan. 

1. First thing first, make sure all your destinations are covered:

If you are on a trip to multiple countries then be sure to check each country you are traveling is included in the policy you are willing to choose. Generally, when you book you are directly asked what country you’ll spend most of your time. But, not always you are asked this for every country. So, when in doubt, straightaway call your insurance provider and be clear before booking online.

2. Choose a travel policy depending on the nature of your vacation:

If you are traveling to a foreign country just for a single time, you may opt for a single trip travel insurance coverage, whereas if you are a frequent traveler then it is the best idea to choose an annual travel insurance policy. Besides, there are various dedicated coverages for students and senior citizens that they can avail of for a better deal. Remember that the premium of your chosen policy will be calculated on the type of travel insurance policy you choose.

3. Make sure you review and compare your potential coverage:

Before choosing any travel insurance plan, compare at least 4 to 5 plans online for coverage features. Keep in mind that the most ideal way to maximize the coverage is to choose your policy 2 or 3 weeks before you plan to head out on your trip.

4. Before buying, consider checking the feedback:

No one can give you good reviews than an actual user. So, before buying any travel insurance, visit multiple online forums and see what customers have posted about the travel insurance policies they are using. By going through the reviews and feedback, you’ll certainly get an insight into the effectiveness and usefulness of the policy. Moreover, you may also ask your friends and family about the travel insurance they bought when they were traveling or if they have any good recommendations for the same.

And finally, make sure you buy a travel insurance policy through a licensed broker or agent. Don’t just opt for any random coverage because your travel agent recommended it, rather do your research, compare plans, and choose one that best fits all your travel needs and preferences.