During COVID-19, working from home became the choice of most companies.

The remote office system has made a large amount of office workers seem to be freelancers, but the problems faced by it have gradually been exposed. For example, the work efficiency is not high, work cannot be focused due to the family environment, the time management goes wrong, and so on.

In response to these problems, here are some suggestions:

1. Create a suitable office environment

The environment at home is usually noisy and difficult to change. But we can find ways to isolate these voices that affect you, such as listening to music with headphones. Use the sound of music to cover the sound of the outside world. In addition, the bathroom is also a good office place. It can inspire your inspiration and improve work efficiency. Try it!

2. Find the most sober, quiet and efficient time period

Time management at home can be staggered and fragmented. Everyone’s family situation is different. Most of the people who need to work from home need mental operation and maintenance, so you should adjust your efficient time period according to the family’s work and rest time. For example, use the family’s deep sleep time to do some work that needs to concentrate on thinking.

3. The principle of giving priority to important matters

Plan well and classify tasks. For urgent and important things, you must complete within the conditions and time created above.

Urgent and unimportant things often do not require the environment. Generally it is to answer questions or communicate with others to solve the problem. These things can be done in a noisy environment.

For important and non-urgent things, you can adopt a fragmented mode of thinking. For example, you can think about this important issue at the same time when playing with your children, or you can use fragmented time when doing housework.

No matter working at home or office, we need to improve our working effiency anyway. Try different methods and find a best suitable one for yourself!