So many people get ideas on different plots, that can be from fantasy, real life, or anything else, but not all of them are great or should be accepted in a contest. If you have a plan to enroll in a short story contest, you must have a plot in your mind, and building the same isn’t easy. 

Writing a novel or a long story is comparatively easy than the short ones because these always must have the essence of the end is not exactly the end. Giving this part of justice is not that easy, and for that, you have to take help from your surroundings. Here, check out the tips below, and you will surely get some ideas at the end. 

From a book

You might be going through a writer’s block, and want to recover it because there is a Writing Community who are looking for short story writers. To break free from the walls, you can always check out the books you have and the ones you have read. Look at the opening of the story, try to gauge the character and their circumstances into your mind, you will get the setting of your short story. You can take ideas from the casts that you love, their personality, you will understand the type of idea you need. 

Idea from junk mails

Short stories can be based on any theme, you just have to keep it away from becoming long. To have the inspiration, you can look at your junk or spam mailbox. You will find different occupations there. Like some credit card company, some donation group, or NGO looking for funds and so many. From all of these, you can create the ideas of your protagonist’s profession or the side characters. Once you get the overview of the profession, the building of their feature will not be that tough for the Short Story Contests. 

A long-lost person

Drawing up the idea of a character from a long-lost friend isn’t that hard. You can always think of their personality, and the story of their life, and put it into your short story. You just have to change the names, and the story a bit different from the real one. Bring up a small incident that has happened in their life and it will be enough with the required words from the Writing Community. 

You must open your mind about the ideas of a short story. You must avoid any kind of restrictions when you are a writer. Listen to people talking to each other, innovate ideas from their gossip. All of these will help you lift the writer’s block and create new stories.