Getting on Wikipedia is a wish for everyone. Knowing how massive it’s online reach why wouldn’t anybody like to see his or her name blinking on the platform? Well, wishing is far easier than making that wish a reality if you lack the expertise needed to get your page approved.

Wikipedia is an open-source platform that puts a lot of stakes on its official editors to maintain a good quality and to be sure that whatever information is shared through the platform is legit and reliable. Therefore, the platform has placed some strict rules and regulations for the ones who want to get their page approved. So, if you are wondering about how to get a Wikipedia page approved here are some key points that you will have to follow. So, read on!


You need to improvise your researching game a bit if you truly want to see yourself on Wikipedia. You need to opt for platforms that are more credible and reliable. You need to gather information from places, which can increase the readability of your content. You need to enhance the online reach of your content in a way that it can gather more traffic to your page and that is all possible only if you know that your research is credible.

Content Formation

You need to compose your content in a way that it can increase the attractiveness of its information. For that you need to format it professionally. You have to use ways that can increase the level of engagements and format the content in a proper way. You need to divide it in small paragraphs and use bullets if you can.


The next aspect is to add proper citation in your content. You need to make sure that your content is addressed correctly and is lined to the right source. You need to follow Harvard style referencing as that is most commonly followed on Wikipedia. You can check the list of instructions and select the one you want. Apart from this, do check the quality of your content as it should be perfect and free from errors.