If you’re like myself or my wife you weren’t born with a green thumb, even though we bother had the desire for many years prior to actually having the space to grow a garden.

I’ve grown a lot of indoor plants as I lived on the 11th floor of an apartment building near Toronto and had no outdoor space. My wife on the other hand couldn’t keep a cactus a live but had the desire to grow flowers, Petunias, outdoors.

Jenny admits she doesn’t have a green thumb but the truth of the matter is that she doesn’t hold the interest I do when it comes to have a vegetable garden. See she does really well when her gardening efforts include Petunias. So I think it’s more about interest level.

If you really want to learn how to be a gardener you can learn to be a gardener go here, just start reading helpful websites and videos on home gardening, which leads us to our first important point for having gardening success.

All Success Should Start With Research And A Little More Research

I believe one of the biggest mistakes is not knowing what you can grow where you live. You need to know what hardiness zone you live in so you can match plants to your growing zone.

To find our growing or plant hardiness zone I conducted a simple search using Google. It looked similar to the following:

Now that you know your planting zone you can look for specific plants that fit your zone. You will have more success this way and it’s less trial and error.