Whether you are a professional or sport shooter, the Tikka T3 Stock rifle is craftily designed for firearm enthusiasts and sportsmen who look for both performance and class with their machinery. With the T3’s extensive caliber selection equipped for various levels, from hunting to sport-shooting, the advanced design that combines traditional shooting with modern innovation makes for the perfect rifle for any shooter.

Once you have the perfect rifle, it is important to pair it with the proper equipment that will complement the Tikka’s advanced level of accuracy and reliability. At Kinetic Research Group (KRG,) expert technicians have a deep understanding of the strong and weak points of field sport equipment and, therefore, strive to design superior products through innovative expertise. With such high caliber design, customers can rest assured that KRG products pass the test of expert gunmen.

KRG offers a variety of chassis for every level of sportsmen. Here are the top 3 Chassis we recommend for your Tikka T3 stock rifle:

Bravo Chassis

The Bravo Chassis has been expertly paired by the developers at KRG to fit seamlessly with your Tikka T3 stock. It offers all the baseline benefits of a chassis combined with conventional target and varmint ergonomics. Its advanced, comfort design paired with the precisely machined bedding area and ergonomic adjustments make for added support and increased comfort to ensure any sportsman can pull off those difficult shots. The light, modular design comes pre-assembled and is AICS Magazine ready, right out of the box. Its secure backbone prevents the forend from flexing, ensuring accuracy. The Bravo also comes with a 1-3 LOP spacer kit, which allows LOP up to 14”. With additional accessories available for the Bravo Chassis, there is room for design modularity to fit your needs.

Whiskey 3-Chassis

The expertly designed Whiskey 3-Chassis is one of the top chassis available for any top-of-the-line precision rifle. With advanced technology aluminum bedding and tool-less adjustments, this durable and ergonomic chassis can be comfortably adjusted for any shooter. Special modular grip panels allow for the shooter to accurately adjust to his or her comfort. The Whiskey 3-Chassis’ modular design with attachment points allows it to fit many different accessories including handstops, sling mounts, rails, bipods, monopods, and much more. It comes in both a fixed and folding stock version to fit your storage needs.

X-Ray Chassis

The X-Ray Chassis is one of the greatest values on the dollar out there. The light and ergonomic design allows for advanced comfort, all while keeping a strong, stable, and durable design. With available adjustments for the length of pull, the X-Ray Chassis comes with all the standard benefits of a chassis, in addition to added bonuses such as a variety of mounting points for slings and barrier stops, and V-bedding for added comfort. With only the necessary features, this lightweight utility chassis is stripped down to the essentials, eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles to keep it simple and user-friendly. The hybrid aluminum-polymer material makes the X-Ray Chassis unique with this advanced technology and careful design. With low production costs, the high-grade X-Ray Chassis is available at an excellent price.

With quality chassis options such as these available through Kinetic Research Group, you can’t go wrong with pairing your Tikka T3 stock rifle with the proper equipment. With high-grade options at every price point, you can feel secure knowing that you are purchasing a state-of-the-art product without sacrificing quality or comfort.

To find out more about these top-of-the-line Chassis or to search more of KRG’s premium accessories for your firearms, visit kineticresearchgroup.com. Happy hunting!

For more information about Best Rifle Chassis and Savage Chassis Please visit : Kineticresearchgroup.



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