No matter how positive you are in life, one single negative review about a brand that you read online can put you in a negative state about that brand.

Online reviews matter a lot. Even if you don’t believe in online reviews, your competitors are surely making a lot out of these online reviews. Do you really want to leave an open space for them?

Online reviews present various opportunities.

Everyone knows it, and each of us understands to what extent genuine online reviews matter for search engine results.

Google has already said it, “Positive reviews about a business improve search visibility.”

But more importantly, customer reviews impact the real business outcomes and decisions that potential customers make just before buying or rejecting a product.

In research, it was revealed that online reviews impact 67.7% of the customers.

Just like offline reviews, not only reveal the effectiveness and quality of the product or service. They inform the customer about the better-than-average customer experience that every customer desires.

This is why brands need to be more aggressive and proactive when seeking online reviews from customers.

Responding to positive reviews doesn’t take much time and effort. But when it comes to negative reviews, hard criticism, not everyone can make it.

In a world where news travels faster than the speed of light, you must deal with the angry customers early in the process.

As such, these 6 tactics can help you to deal with negative customer reviews and turn them into happy customers.

Try them out and do let us know which of these tips helped you and which tips you are using to deal with negative online reviews.

1. Reply Quickly

No, I am not at all in favor of replying without thinking about it. What I meant was to engage the customer in the early stage of the process.

When a customer is angry, the first thing that they need is someone who can listen carefully. Listening first will make it easy for you to reply thoughtfully.

When you reply quickly, it gives a message that the brand is willing to help. That’s the first sign that presents an opportunity for the brand to cool down the customer by replying to them.

2. Think Before you Answer

When you get negative feedback, think upon it. Sit with your team and brainstorm what went wrong.

A critical review allows you to know more about your brand. To learn what needs to be improved.

Once you figure out what caused pain for the customer, it will be easy to give a sensible reply. And here again, you cannot just reply without giving some idea about how you’ll find the problem.

3. Answer Honestly

Do you know what a customer appreciates more than a discount coupon? It’s staying true with your Answer.

When an angry customer submits a complaint, they need someone to listen, and after that, they need a person who can answer sincerely on what is the status of the problem or how the problem occurred in the first place.

The problem arises when brands don’t tell the truth. If you’ve messed up and ordered. It’s okay to say to the customer what went wrong and how you are willing to compensate.

4. Always Be Kind

Your customer is not in the right state of mind. But, you, on the other hand, cannot lose your temper at any cost.

Whatever you do, be kind and appropriate when it comes to replying to the customer. If it feels like you’re losing control, take a deep breath, clear your mind, and then think of a reply.

No need to reply with the same tone. As a brand, you have a reputation to maintain, which means whatever you say or how you say it will impact your reputation big time.

5. Go for a Customized Response

The good thing about online business is that every client has its requirements. A professional digital marketing agency might get two different conditions from two separate clients.

When the work is finished, the review will also be different. This means that as a brand, you need to understand the case and mindset of the customer before you reply to them.

And if it’s a custom reply, it will be easy for the customer to relate with the empathy that the brand is giving them.

6. Avoid Getting Personal

An angry customer might say unexpected and harsh things. If that’s the case, you need more than just being kind. You need to avoid being personal to the customer.

Because if you get angry and get personal with the customer, then the world will witness your brand personality with a negative lens for the rest of your life.

Handle every negative review as a business professional. Think straight and think hard before you send a reply to the customer.

There should not be a single word that gives a sense of negativity or a feeling that you are making personal attacks to the customer.

Because if you do, as mentioned earlier, as a brand, you’ll get a lot of criticism from other people too.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a startup or a senior manager at Amazon, one thing is for sure. You’ll get negative reviews.

No matter how hard you try, there will always be some people who will find negative even in the most positive experience.

The trick is never to lose patience and keep your head fresh before you engage with the customer.

An angry customer will expect that you listen to them with patience. And when they are done talking, they want a quick reply or a reply which informs them how they’ll be compensated.

When you make it transparent to the customer, it gets easy for them to relate to your situation and accept the compensation that you offer.