Makeup trends are continuously having a rocky evolution. Before, the standard black cat eye and red lipstick are everywhere. Last year, blue was the eye makeup color of choice. This year, more celebrities are completely leaning into slime green. This was even considered to be one of the biggest colors on the Spring/Summer runways.

However, you shouldn’t be marginalizing your creativity because of what’s popular on the runway on the red carpet. If you want to wear your red lipstick that you really can’t live without, just wear it. But if you want to follow trends or just interested to check them, here we give you free tips that you can also get from a beauty school or from a known makeup artist that you may inject in your go-to make-up routine with a touch of 2019.


You may want to put to rest your neutral palette for the meantime and pop some color on your makeup. Neon eyes are the best way to welcome colors. You can start with a bold liner or a colorful mascara.

A lot of makeup lovers are now investing in colored eyeliners or tinted eyeliners. It’s not really new, but we can see that celebrities are wearing so much color on their eyes during awards season. The colors worn wear mostly blue and green on the eyes and it has a huge influence. You can even play with bronze eyeliner instead of the traditional black or brown to go bolder.


Color-coordinating is not really new just like how celebrities match their eyeshadow to the color of their gowns. It became one of the top makeup trends for a few years now. Monochromatic makeup is getting more attention this year, especially with the color pink.

Plenty of beauty brands today have customized entirely their eyeshadow, lip, and cheek palettes to shades of rosy hue. Hollywood actresses are even debuting all-pink-everything makeup looks on almost all red carpet.


Do you even remember the time when everyone hoarded those matte liquid lipsticks from Kylie Jenner’s line? However, this year the lippie trend is all about transitioning to a more less perfect, softened, blurred edge rather than perfecting your over-lining skills.

To achieve this look, just think of how your lips would look after eating a popsicle or blotting off your lipstick to have that soft lips. This look is refreshing and more ideal if you want to look younger. Choose shades in corals and pinks, then apply the technique.


Last year, we are obsessed with highlighters and hyaluronic acid serum to achieve that ultra-hydrated skin, and it will stay the same for this year. In fact, this trend is never going away, because who doesn’t want radiant skin?

After applying your foundation, you may want to add a subtle hint of highlighter and rosy blush. The trick here is to make everything natural as possible and prepped the skin really well.


Still can’t perfect the cat eye look? Well, don’t worry! You don’t have to anymore! Eyeliner is getting crazier and even more fun than ever, with graphic shapes and unique details. You may play around with a neon orange eyeliner then place the line above your crease instead of tracing your upper lash line.


Remember how everyone perfected their eyebrows on fleek? Well, this year it’s all about getting a handsome brow, you know, the one that’s brushed up and see the hairs. This may sound weird but you can use a glue stick and a toothbrush then use your spoolie to brush up your brows.

Don’t worry because your brows will stay in place, it won’t block your pores, and won’t make your hair to fall out. Wait for it to dry before you draw on top of it. We suggest that you go for a more lateral brow in terms of shape, plus, it will open up your eyes more.