According to a survey of StackOverflow Developer, React ranked among the top most loved libraries in 2018. Due to the rapid growth & adoption, there came the influx of open-source component libraries & design systems. Today, we’re going to have a look over the most popular React UI Component libraries:

Material UI

With more than 45K starts, it is the most widely used React UI library on Github. All the template elements and components in Material UI are built according to the guidelines of Google’s Material Design but are all React components. There are many UI elements offered out-of-the-box from buttons to dialog boxes to cards to lot of menus.

Palantir’s Blueprint

One of the best framework for heavy-data applications. This framework is organized for tables, metrics, and data. Right now, there isn’t any other framework which is more powerful than this. Blueprint has gathered over 14K stars on Github. Blueprint guarantees that you’ll wind up with a rich and easy to-use UI, liberating you to focus on making your product—not the atomic pieces that include it.

Shards React

Shards React is available as an NPM package. It is also furnished with custom components present in shards including range sliders, toggle inputs, datepickers and more.

You would have surely know Shards if you have worked with jQuery & Bootstrap from the beginning. It offers support for the Material & Fontawesome icon packs. You can access the original files, and can download Shards React here.


If you want a “minimal” design, then preferring ant design is a great choice.

It is a set of high quality react components which is written in Typescript.

Ant design supports browser, server-side rendering and has many components for React app development.

React Semantic UI

It is built on top of CSS modules, ES6 and Webpack. Semantic UI React is the React implementation of the Semantic UI kit. Semantic adopts some phrases that trigger the functionality. For complete design freedom, it is also equipped with variables having high level theming & perceptive inheritance system. It provides a declarative API and is jQuery-free.


It is a component toolkit that caters you a set of React components such as card, Select, ComboBox, Toggle, Rating and much more. The majority of the components are now improved for mobile and furthermore, you can modify the styles yourself. Belle is featured over 2K times on Github.


Above are some of the few React component libraries you should be familiar with! Except these, there are many more which can be helpful to you according to your preferences.