Pottery mugs are great both for personal and professional use and for presenting it as a gift. When you are deciding whether to buy pottery mugs online, there are several things to consider. Do you want the mug to be stylish? Do you want to customize it for a gift? Or maybe you are willing to use it as a décor item for your home. With so many different options available in choosing a mug, here are interesting reasons to use pottery mugs.

 They are more stylish:

Pottery mugs can be tailored to represent any group, personality, or business. These mugs can be customized with any shape, color, size or type. Whether you want an elegant two-tone mug for an upcoming festival, or something more traditional, the options are endless. Besides, rather than heading to the local store and buying an over-priced mug that is very common in its look, stand out with a customized and unique pottery mug available at different online stores.

 They are more environmental friendly:

If you are using polystyrene or paper mugs, you’re not doing much to save the environment. And while a pottery mug takes more resources and energy to be made, plastic, as well as polystyrene mugs, are not biodegradable. It’s also important to note that pottery mugs don’t weigh as much as compared to other mugs types such as glass and other material.

 They retain better heat:

Another reason to buy pottery mugs over another material is that pottery mugs keep your drink hotter for longer than other types of mugs. They lose heat at a much slower rate as compared to other types and are also more porous, meaning that the conduction is slower in pottery mugs. Once your pottery mug initially warms up, it loses heat through convention and in turn, this leads to draw more heat for the drink via conduction. Besides, pottery mugs also have a higher specific heat as compared to glass mugs, meaning that it loses heat through convection at a bit slower pace than glass.

 They can be used as a unique marketing tool:

If you are a small business, or group, looking forward to gaining more brand awareness then pottery mugs can be one of the greatest tokens of memories you can present. High-quality pottery mugs let you give your clients and guests a one-of-kind souvenir to cherish their time. Whether you want to present those mugs to build awareness, or you want to sell them for your business profit, with pottery mugs, you’ll have a product that people will remember their life. With a beautiful and unique handmade mug, thrown on a potter’s wheel, and your logo printed across the front, people can take a little piece of your business back home.

Whether you are looking for a mug to present it as a gift, or you want one for your personal use, pottery mugs are the best to choose. However, if you are intending to buy pottery mugs online then make sure you shop from a reputed online store. Do your due diligence and check reviews before buying your mugs online. Since not all online stores are credible, research as much as you can, and shop wisely!