Launching in 2008 a decade ago, Trademarks411 was founded by attorney Stephen Erickson and software and brand specialist Nicholas Greenside out of Santa Barbara, California, with the goal of making trademark services affordable and easy enough a person could file trademarks from anywhere with any internet-connected device. In the 10 years since launching, Trademarks411 has enriched the lives of people from all over the world. It quickly grew into a revolutionary web-based software platform, with integrated software services that inspired new services including free Trademark Alert® status monitoring, LitigantScan®, which is a search report for wording in a particular mark that one might want to avoid because of a number of oppositions or cancellations being filed as a result of a particular term appearing in a mark, and iPhone and Android mobile applications that have become essential to peoples lives.

“Trademarks411 is an essential part of our customers’ lives and today more than ever it is redefining the way users research and file new trademark applications,” said Nicholas Greenside, founder and CEO. “In the first 10 years, Trademarks411 set the bar for online trademark service providers, and the best is yet to come.”

Trademarks411 innovations and features include:

The first-ever trademark-filing mobile application built for iOS and Android;

A streamlined trademark application that conforms to the minimum filing requirements of a TEAS RF trademark application with built-in error checks;

People from 98-plus countries can file trademarks using Trademarks411 web-based software platform;

Proprietary Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software that facilitates in the processing, government-fee payment and the entire transmittal of all portions of the trademark application and post-filings to the government;

Trademark Alert® status monitoring that will notify people when it’s time to file maintenance docs and renewals;

Trademark Secured®, a trust mark customers can place on their website and marketing material, and

LitigantScan® trademark search report for policed terms one might want to avoid.