Located in the southwestern part of China, Tibet is an autonomous region and holds a long history. Having neighbors like India, Burma, Nepal, and Bhutan its mountainous region receives a lot of visitors.

Therefore, traveling from Tibet from inland China will enable you to pay a visit to many famous and highlighted cities in China. The journey will be easy, and the well-known travel agency will take responsibility, make your travel worth the money you spend. There are many things to look out for places to explore, and this article will be your helpful guide to provide you all the travel-related information.

How to travel to Tibet from China?

In order to travel from inland China to Tibet, you need to go through a certain procedure and receive a permit in order to do so. The trip will be easy, but without certain documentation, they will not provide you access to Tibet.

Since Tibet is an autonomous region of China, you will be required a Chinese visa and a Tibet permit, so that you get to enter the region from the gateway cities of China. These gateway cities are very popular have they contain many tourists’ attractions and destinations for you to look around.

Flights galore

Not only that, but the cities also have domestic and international flights available for you to travel to Tibet. This is a one-stop China-Tibet tour package, which the travel agency offers, and it will be a life-changing experience for you when you get to visit both the land of diverse cultures. Traveling from inland China to reach the shores of Tibet, you can do so by taking a flight or a train from the major cities of China. The cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Xi’an will provide you a direct flight from their airport to Tibet.

When you travel by train through Xi’an, you will get to see the superb view of the Tibetan plateau, traveling by overland will enable you to explore the landscape at your own pace. As a for the foreigner, you will be provided the permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB), you will also need an Alien Travel Permit if you are thinking of taking a trip to the Everest Base Camp, and a Military Permit to visit Mt. Kailash and other border areas of the region. In order to receive the permit, you need to wait at least 15-20 days. However, the time taken to receive your permit will depend on the type of tour you take and if you want to know more on How to Travel from inland China to Tibet, you can log in to the travel agency’s website, and get to check out the information they have provided.

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