If you have brought a dog to your home, intending to keep it as a pet, then you also need to take full responsibility of taking care of its every need. Dogs are living beings and not a toy. There are a lot of things that you need to do for your furry friend so that it stays in good health. As you expect love loyalty from your dog, you also have to return the same to the dog to a have a strong bonding with your loving pet. Your responsibility just does not end by feeding the dog. You also have to look after its health. Since dogs are also living mammals, they are also susceptible to various kinds of ailments. Some of the illnesses are mild, while some are very serious in nature. These ailments can have a terrible impact on the health of your dog in severe cases can increase the risk of fatality.

Our loyal companions can suffer from various types of ailments, which can have a very deteriorating effect on their health. Some of the common health problems that dogs face are:

Ear infections

Ear infection is the most common issues in dogs, and it is generally caused by allergies, ear mites, yeast, bacteria, and hair growth in-ear canal cavity. Floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections.


Worms is another issue that dogs encounter frequently. They are internal parasites that found in dogs, and they can range from tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. Worms can cause health problems like diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, appetite loss, and rough, dry coat.


Fleas can turn your dog nuts as one flea in the body can make an infestation of over 1000 bugs biting your dog. It is yet another common canine health issue. Hot spots, excessive scratching, hair loss, and flea dirt are some of the symptoms of flea infestation.


Vomiting is another common problem in dogs. It can happen due to numerous reasons like heatstroke, intestinal issue, infection, kidney failure, and even poisoning. Vomiting can cause severe dehydration in dogs and might be life-threatening as well.


Like humans, dogs can also suffer from the problem of diarrhea. They can also dispose of stools that might be loose, watery or liquid. Diarrhea can happen due to problems like intestinal parasites, food problems, and parvovirus.

In case of medical care, the first thing you need to do is to take your pooch to a vet who will diagnose your dog and know the actual reason behind illness. The vet then shall suggest the medications that you have to give to your dog orally, or by mixing in their food.

Like human medicines, the market of dog medicines is also becoming larger day by day. Since dogs are vulnerable to various serious disorders, the pet health care industry is introducing new medications that will be used to treat the conditions in the dogs.

There are many medicated shampoos and lotions for dogs that are generally applied for the eradication of ticks, fleas and mites infestation on the skin of the dog. Various injection medicines are also produced that are meant for booster shots and removal of worms and other parasites from the dog’s intestine. Many pharmaceutical companies that have been manufacturing medications for humans are now making drugs for dogs as well. Veterinary and pet care industry is growing day by day in India and all over the world. It is already a flourishing industry in western countries like the U.S, United Kingdom, and the trend is changing even in India now. The pet care market stands at a valuation of $265 million (₹ 1700 million) and is like to grow at a rate of 13.9% annually, estimated to reach $430 million (₹ 2780 million)by 2020.

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