Torque Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed company in India, which was established in 1985 in Chandigarh. Now, this company is well-known for producing various Ayurvedic and organic medicines, like herbal hair oils and enzyme syrup. Torex herbal cough syrup is one of the popular medicines, which is prescribed by many doctors to their patients suffering from cough. It is different from common cough syrups available in the market, due to its natural ingredients. Hence, the chance of getting faster relief is more in the case of this medicine, if it is taken properly.

Procedure for having Torex herbal cough syrup

This medicine is made from 20 herbs, following the instructions given in Ayurveda. Thus, it is perfectly safe for people of all age groups, including infants and fragile old people. This Torex herbal syrup in India needs to be taken with a glass of warm water. Since Tulsi or basil leaves and honey are included in this herbal syrup, it provides soothing relief instantly to the sore throat and congested lungs. You should take this cough syrup according to the dosage directed by your physician. You also need to complete the course of this medicine, to get the best results of consuming it, according to the advice of your doctor.

Different types of coughs cured by Torex herbal cough syrup

It is now proved that Torex herbal cough syrup works best in curing dry cough, wet cough, whooping cough, acute or chronic bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis. Some people have reportedly cured of the problem of sinusitis, by taking this cough syrup regularly. It is free of alcohol, for which you will not feel drowsy after taking this medicine. Moreover, there are certain rare herbs, like Banapsha, Pippali, and Talisha Patra, among the ingredients of this syrup. All these herbs were recommended in the Ayurveda, by ancient sages. As it is a completely herbal product, there is no risk of side effects after taking this medicine. Hence, it is considered to be better and safer than the traditional cough syrups, which are made of different chemicals.

Availability of Torex herbal cough syrup

Torex herbal cough syrup is available at a price of Rs 99 per bottle, which is quite reasonable as per many other Ayurvedic products. As it provides instant relief from all types of coughs, lots of doctors prefer to prescribe this herbal medicine for curing their patients. This medicine is available in all cities of India, in 100 ml bottles. Thus, you can find this medicine in your local drug store or Ayurvedic medicine shop.

However, it is best to take care of the throat by gargling with lukewarm saltwater. The intake of ginger tea or herbal tea is also useful, along with this Torex herbal syrup in India. Moreover, you should be careful not to take any cold food, like ice cream or chilled cold drinks while your treatment is going on. You also need to be careful to stay away from all types of infections that may hamper your cure from the problem of cough.