Veri raises $4M to ship sensor to monitor blood sugar

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Veri has raised $4 million in funding to get started shipping its glucose sensor that monitors your blood sugar for preventative wellness.

The Helsinki, Finland-based enterprise views itself as a meals intelligence enterprise, as its sensor and the accompanying app can enable persons realize their optimal eating plan to enhance the state of their metabolic wellness. The concept is to make blood sugar readings as commonplace as heart readings, which are now quickly deciphered by smartphones, wearables, and their apps. The Veri app is only accessible on iOS for now.

The $4 million contains Veri’s pre-seed and seed rounds of funding, led by ProFounders. Other investors involve Lifeline Ventures, Accel, and various angel investors, such as Johannes Schildt, CEO of Kry/Livi and Kristian Ranta, CEO of Meru Health. “Veri” suggests “blood” in Finnish.

The mixture of Veri’s app with a wearable blood glucose tracker supplies genuine-time feedback on meals selections. The item provides its customers deep insights by analyzing customized blood sugar levels in the context of exercising as properly as sleep habits. I’ve attempted out Dexcom‘s glucose monitor, which gave me a good idea of the kind of foods and activities that affect my blood sugar levels, but it’s targeted at persons who currently have serious diabetes symptoms.

With the new funding, the enterprise plans to get started shipping its sensor to U.S.-based prospects, creating the Veri item accessible for acquire beginning this month. Currently, there are more than 50,000 persons on Veri’s waitlist. A single sensor charges $129, when two sensors price $199. One sensor lasts two weeks.

You can also subscribe on a month-to-month basis. For a single sensor, the subscription charge is €89 ($108 U.S.) per month.

Anttoni Aniebonam, the CEO of Veri, mentioned the app falls below Food and Drug Administration’s policy for low-threat devices with its present capabilities.

The meals information is captured in-app via pictures and text. You enter what you ate, and then it correlates the impact on your glucose levels and then provides you a score of 1 to 10. It also integrates sleep and exercising information captured from the iPhone’s wellness app.


“We started Veri because of our own health issues. Every single one of the founders had experienced something with their health that they were looking to solve, but we all were lacking the right tools to do that,” Aniebonam mentioned, in an e-mail to VentureBeat. “For me, the whole thing clicked when I got injured in my teenage years. I stopped playing football after the injury and had a really hard time balancing my mental and physical health. The difficulties ranged from not being able to control my weight to going to a very dark place in my mental health. I couldn’t figure out ways to make it better and the healthcare system didn’t really cater for the needs that I had — making a lifestyle change, that is.”

Veri is tapping into the critical want for preventative wellness approaches. Poor nutrition is the major result in of premature death, and about 88% of persons in the United States are metabolically ill. COVID-19 has drawn additional consideration to the significance of great metabolic wellness (to deal with difficulties such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes). Seventy-one % of premature deaths globally are due to chronic illnesses and situations.

Vimal Ramjee, a cardiologist and director of wellness at Veri, mentioned that the company’s answer is like obtaining a nutritionist at your side 24 hours a day, assisting you realize how your meals and life style selections impact your individual metabolism in genuine time. There are not lots of tools that can drive genuine positive life style modify like this, mentioned Ramjee, who is also a culinary medicine specialist.

Guillermo Umpierrez, the president-elect of the American Diabetes Association and a scientific advisor for Veri, mentioned in a statement that Veri is an crucial tool to avoid the development of pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes.

Timo Ahopelto, the founding companion of Lifeline Ventures, mentioned in a statement that Veri is the missing piece in optimizing your wellness.


Image Credit: Veri

Aniebonam, Verneri Jäämuru, and Frans Lehmusvaara began the enterprise last year. The item is at the moment accessible in Europe. Veri has 13 personnel with knowledge at organizations like Nike, Oura, Meru Health, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Veri cofounder Jäämuru suffers from a chronic intestinal illness, Aniebonam mentioned.

“He was bedridden when he was younger because of it, and saw with his own eyes how the U.S. healthcare system didn’t really deliver holistic tools for him. We all believe that health and especially preventive healthcare are holistic — your overall health stems from the way you eat, sleep, and move. But figuring out what to do is hard,” Aniebonam mentioned. “So, we built the product for ourselves and found out during this journey that a lot of people around us had the same problems with their overall health. This also showed us that we didn’t really want to create a new fancy biohacking tool for tech bros, but a down-to-earth way for normal people, from all walks of life, to be able to improve their health with better food choices.”

The founders chose to make the item about glucose levels and meals mainly because it is a incredibly precise and understandable tool to modify people’s behavior. It tends to make your meals selections actionable and visual — from the app, you can actually see how your glucose levels respond to distinct foods you consume. Decreasing the typical glucose level (and the wicked right after-meal spikes) reduces the threat of chronic illnesses and tends to make you really feel more energetic through the day, the enterprise mentioned. Over time, the founders want the app to produce more actionable information and allow smarter meals selections.

“Product-wise, glucose is the best time-sensitive metric to analyze your metabolic health, so it was really a given that it’s the most obvious thing to focus on when it comes to health,” Aniebonam mentioned.

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