Vimeo launches enterprise-grade video hub ahead of IPO

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Vimeo has come a extended way because its origins as a “YouTube alternative” that spun out of CollegeHumor back in 2004. While Google’s video-hosting behemoth is now a multi-billion dollar business enterprise in its personal correct, Vimeo has stuttered by way of many pivots and redirects as it sought to uncover its location in a market place dominated by a handful of important platforms.

Today, Vimeo is much less about the content and more about the technologies and tools — assisting folks generate, handle, and share videos across the net. And just after a year in which video became a core facet of a world forced to embrace remote work, Vimeo has shaped up properly — especially provided asynchronous communication is a core raison d’être for the firm.

Indeed, Vimeo’s renewed focus on teams and enterprises has provided it a new lease of life, powered by new goods like lead generation tools and native integrations with advertising and marketing software program such as Mailchimp and HubSpot.

Vimeo’s corporate owner IAC, which purchased Vimeo alongside CollegeHumor in 2006, is now preparing to spin out Vimeo as a standalone publicly-traded firm on the Nasdaq beginning on May 25. This comes hot on the heels of a $300 million raise at a whopping $6 billion valuation for Vimeo back in January, which in turn followed robust Q1 2021 final results with income developing 57% year-on-year (YoY). More especially, Vimeo’s enterprise income grew by one hundred% YoY, emanating from new buyers such as Intuit, Softbank, Amazon, SAP, Comcast, Spotify, and The New York Times.

Ahead of its hotly-anticipated IPO, Vimeo today launched a new item as it appears to “further entrench” itself as a video platform for organizations.


Vimeo is rolling out a branded corporate video hub for its Enterprise buyers, made to enable companies centralize every thing they want in terms of recording, sharing, and browsing for videos across departments, like meetings, instruction and how-tos, announcements, and every thing in in between.

Here, staff can search for video content by keyword, with Vimeo automatically transcribing each live and pre-recorded videos to make it indexable and effortless to uncover either in folders or inside captions.

This also builds somewhat on other current goods the firm has launched such as Vimeo Record, a video messaging tool that enables customers to record their screen and share audio overdubs as aspect of an explainer or to solicit feedback.

Given that the video hub is constructed with enterprises in thoughts, all videos can be secured behind single sign-on (SSO) replete with group-level permissions, which means that particular videos can be made accessible only to management or advertising and marketing teams, for instance.

Zoom in the space

Vimeo is also cognizant of the truth that other video platforms out there are nonetheless going to be applied by companies for distinct use-circumstances. Zoom, for instance, has been one of the important beneficiaries of the worldwide pandemic as teams embraced each ascynchronous and true-time remote communication tools. As such, Vimeo Library sports a native integration with Zoom, permitting teams to upload their meeting recordings which are then automatically transcribed and made searchable.

Vimeo’s new Video Library is accessible for all Vimeo Enterprise subscribers from today.

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