Few of us forget our childhood bike. In all its shiny, tasseled, banana-seated glory, it brought us pure joy and our first taste of freedom. Lately, it seems, our collective love affair with bikes is being rekindled, with adults around the country feeling a passion for cycles they haven’t experienced since their youth. The objects of their affections? Old-fashioned commuter bikes — the kind you ride sitting upright, with sleek frames, wide handlebars, and leather handgrips and saddles. Their combination of utility, beauty, and efficiency inspires both design lust and nostalgia.

There is nothing more satisfying that cruising on a beautifully restored vintage style bicycle. Your ride is completely unique and gets tons of looks. The only problem? A genuine vintage or antique bicycle sells for a ton of money these days!

If you’re a fan of vintage style bikes but you have a limited budget, your best bet is to check out the many beautiful new rides that are being build in this style.

Mimicking the lines and features of cycles from days gone by, old style bikes are making a real comeback. It makes sense: people long for a time when life was simple, when carbon fibre and cell phones didn’t exist, and when a bike frame had a classic geometry and minimalist good looks.

Here’s the problem though: because the retro style bicycle frame is so popular, everyone and their dog is jumping on the bandwagon, including big manufacturers.

The difference between a home run and a strike? It’s all in the details!

This article will be taking a close look at a handful of my favorite vintage style bicycles for sale today. Primarily, I want to point you to a ride that not only looks amazing, but functions beautifully too.