Virtuix raises $19 million for Omni One VR treadmill

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Virtuix has raised more than $19 million from more than 6,500 investors in its most current round of funding for its Omni One virtual reality treadmill for the home.

Austin, Texas-based Virtuix will use the proceeds to launch Omni One, an omni-directional treadmill for the home that lets players stroll and run inside well-liked games and virtual worlds.

Virtuix’s “Omni” technologies tends to make VR more tactile and immersive by letting you physically move although wearing a VR headset. The treadmill’s 360-degree encounter enables players to stroll or run
in any path inside their preferred videogames. Most of the original Omni treadmills went into industrial areas.

Backed by Mark Cuban and other important investors, Virtuix has shipped more than $10 million worth of industrial Omni systems to entertainment venues in 45 nations, such as best areas like Dave &amp Buster’s. Virtuix’s upcoming item, Omni One, is a customer version of the Omni treadmill optimized for the home.

Crowdfunding guidelines

Jan Goetgeluk, CEO of Virtuix, stated in an e-mail to GamesBeat that the Omni One frees you up so that you are no longer restricted by the restricted space of your home. He stated the enterprise worked with SeedInvest, an on line investment platform, to comprehensive its Series A-2 financing round, which incorporated a fundraising campaign below SEC Regulation A (“Reg A”). Reg A enables certified private providers to sell shares to non-accredited investors.

“The proceeds of this round will be used to bring Omni One to market, our upcoming home product,” stated Goetgeluk. “Our ‘Reg A’ campaign on SeedInvest was over-subscribed by $3 million, so we added a $2 million extension round to accommodate the extra investor demand. In total, we’ve raised $19 million in this round.”

The enterprise has 35 personnel.

Virtuix’s Reg A campaign permitted any person to acquire shares in Virtuix, and the minimum investment was only $1,000. More than 6,500 investors participated in the round.

Omni One will feature its personal game retailer with 30 titles at launch, such as games created by Virtuix alongside best titles licensed from third parties. Virtuix plans to sell Omni One for $1,995 (or $55 a month on a month-to-month payment program). This pricing puts Omni One in line with mid-tier gaming PCs or connected fitness gear like a Peloton bike.

I’ve followed Virtuix for a lengthy time and utilized its earlier versions. Goetgeluk began the enterprise in April 2013, and he has taken the enterprise by means of ups and downs. To date, Virtuix has shipped almost 4,000 Omni Pro systems to more than 500 commercial entertainment venues about the world. Omniverse, Virtuix’s proprietary content platform supplying 24 VR games and constructed-in esports competitions, has hosted more than two million plays to date. To date, Virtuix has raised more than $35 million. The enterprise plans to launch the Omni One in late 2021.

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