We betcha’ you always wanted to visit Minneapolis and St.Paul but haven’t had a clue about what is important. 

And you will probably be pleasantly surprised. Minnesota offers a little something for everyone. No matter if you are coming with your family to visit the Winter Carnival or to visit the Nickelodeon Universe… or with your wife, for a shopping spree in the largest All of America (it is a twelfth-largest mall in the world). If you want to revive your college days and get the more of Minnesota sound – head to Downtown or Dinkytown, we got that covered also. 

Twin Cities mean doubling the fun – it is up to you to choose your own adventure. 

Long story short – learn what Skol means, try Juicy Lucy, enjoy both beer and art and you are good to go. And lakes, don’t forget all these beautiful lakes, hotdishes, tater tots and pops!

Minnesota has its distinctive charm both in summer and in winter. If you are visiting Minnesota somewhere between October and April – oh boy, prepare for the harsh winter weather. But it is not necessarily a bad thing. Because Minnesotans take indoor entertainment to a completely new level.

St. Paul and Minneapolis – choose your adventure

Twin Cities indeed are twins but definitely not conjoined. They both have their distinctive charm and attractions, it is up to you to choose your own adventure.

Minneapolis is the most populated city in Minnesota and it is a city that never sleeps. Vibrant, lively, with a rich music scene. Climate might be cold but the startup scene in Minneapolis is hot. If you want to meet young entrepreneurs that share your mindset, make new connections, and see the latest trends – get ready for some serious mingling.

If you want to win this game and be an ultimate social butterfly – be ‘’Minnesota nice’’. The nicest. That should open all doors.

Contrary to Minneapolis – Saint Paul is the quiet one. With amazing historical charm, traditional architecture, and beautiful traditions. Also, it has an amazing greenery.

So decide what you want to do and stick to your theme – you can visit it more than once and have a completely unique experience.

Dress warm, find a warm and quiet place to stay

In Minnesota, you will learn to love layers in all their glory. Even in summer if you are getting a tan on the lake or just taking a walk in the shadow of the buildings – it might be cooler than you used to.

So layers and even more layers. Plus comfortable footwear is also a necessity. It will save your feet because the walks are a lot longer than you think.

If you are not very fond of long walks – the metro is one of the quickest ways to get somewhere. Just be sure to understand how blue and red lines work!

When choosing a place to stay – if you are in for a top tier, luxurious experience – Hotel Ivy is among the most popular options. Yet, if you want to save money, Airbnb is a great option because we mentioned before that Minnesotans are hospitable and nice.

Yet, we’ve warned you about the weather and that these cities never sleep so make sure that the accommodations have soundproof walls and good thermal insulation. You want to have a great rest before you start exploring!

Shop until you drop in the Mall of America

We bet that your wife will love this. Minneapolis has the largest shopping mall in America. If you are in for a shopping spree and you are both physically and mentally (and financially ) prepared, go for it! You will be amazed just how much can fit into one building.

Prepare for the ride of your life, enjoy shopping, local foods, explore the Nickelodeon Universe, and much more!


Did you know that there are more than 10000 lakes in Minnesota? So when the warmer months come – staying indoors is not an option.

Lake Calhoun is the largest lake in Minneapolis and if you want to enjoy swimming, kayaking, paddling, or getting suntan – head to the Chain of lakes and enjoy both great time and beautiful outdoors.

When winter comes, that should not stop you from enjoying this amazing outdoors. Ice skating or ice fishing could be interesting. If the ice is not your cup of tea – grab a bowl of ice cream. No matter the season you can always enjoy this creamy goodness.

Minnesotans love beer both in summer and in the winter

If you love beer, you will be amazed at a wide variety of beers existing in Minneapolis. There is a little something for everyone, no matter if you are a beer sommelier or a beer rookie.

You can take a trip to explore the most popular breweries and try their specials. You will be back for more, we promise. Also, try some local specials combined with beer – try the famous Juicy Lucy. Also, don’t forget to try some local hot dishes and lutefisk.

Skyway System

If you walk down the streets and feel like you are in some spooky ghost town, no worries. Just look up! There you go, now you can see those people! Skyway system is connecting 80 full city blocks and covers 11 miles. It is the largest system in the world.

Dare to explore this unique maze, you will be a literal Skywalker. How cool is that?

Minnesotans love art!

Minneapolis looks like a piece of contemporary art and it is a home of two out of 10 largest museums in America. Make sure to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Walker Art Center. Also, a famous Minneapolis Sculpture Garden where you can see Spoonbridge and Cherry which is simply iconic.

Also, if you love Bob Dylan’s music – make sure that you check out the famous mural. Amazing work of contemporary art.

And most importantly – enjoy! Minnesota is very welcoming no matter the weather. It is the people that make it such a unique place!