First impressions count. Fact. And while you do not need to wear a suit 24/7 unless you are Iron Man, there are plenty of occasions that roll around when you do need to. Obviously, your first thought would be to scout out some options at a store, either online or physically so. Less obvious though, is where you should go to locate this phenomenal suit. Because that is what a suit should be: phenomenal. A well-tailored suit catches the eye and offers instant glamour. However, it can be hard to find it. Which is why, this list of tips to watch out for should help you.

Image Source: Pixabay

The Right Hem Length

This one differs from person to person based on height of course, but a good rule of thumb is to remember that the hemline of your trousers should just brush over the top of your shoes. People do forget it, and it ends up in your suit doing the opposite of what it should: making you look sloppy. When picking out your suit, pay particular attention to this since a great suit is based on great detail. You will feel more polished and sophisticated.

Shoulder Fitting

This is the next important detail to look for. The shoulders of your suit should feel snug. In other words, it cannot be too tight nor too loose. You should be able to comfortably move about and lift your arms without it hanging off you. The right shoulder fit is so important, that it is one of the places that is most difficult to adjust: even if the rest of the suit can be. So, when browsing through mens suits, look for the shoulder seams and how far they extend. They should not go below your natural body line.

Nip the Waist

This sounds rather feminine in a way, but it makes good sense. Unless you like the billowy effect, your suit should be typically tucked in a little at the waist. It enhances the look of the suit, making you look put-together the whole time too. How much you want to take in is up to you, but if you find your suits are not as styled as you would like them to be, then you need to look for this too. That said, some have a preference for not, so you could also choose not to. As the perfect waist fittings is always not available on readymade suits, it is better to order it from a tailor like bespoke tailors Sydney.

Measure Yourself

Before you shop for the suit, measure yourself at home. Regardless of whether you shop in person at the store or online. Unless you are already really familiar with all your measurements, you will find yourself a little nonplussed when being clucked over by salespeople. In fact, you might even forget what you do know. So jot them all down on a paper and take it with you. You can then use it to shop for a great suit, which is actually really handy for if you do so online. A physical store could measure you of course, but if you are in a hurry it might prove to be a hassle so this way, it is more convenient.

Keep in Mind where to wear the suit:

There is a unique dress combination for each event. So, don’t buy a random suit otherwise it will look boring. A formal office suit is not applicable for wedding or Melbourne race day. Reciprocally, summer wedding outfits is not also applicable for office purpose use.