Geographical distance is shrinking and boundaries are disappearing since digital transformation has taken place at micro levels. Now, people can connect to people present in other parts of the world, regardless of the distance. In this digital transformation, sharing tools are playing a pivotal role. One such software is the MS Office Software that comes with more enhanced features regularly, brings different people together and makes work easier. It supports and allows individuals to communicate across all barriers, both physical and cultural.

One can easily Office Software günstig kaufen (buy Office Software cheaply) at online sites. Office software not only helps in completing work easily but is also making it possible to share documents with others without any hassle. Though Office software is quite simple to use, one must not overlook the barriers that block communication in the workforce, especially the employees with special accessibility needs. 

For instance, if you are sending a brightly-colored and well-designed Excel sheet to a person with color-blindness issues, this way of sharing documents is not effective at all. Specific color-combination will be incomprehensible for a color-blind person; you need to find a way so that you can easily convey your message or information. You can leverage the benefits of working with a diverse workforce only when everyone can communicate with each other effectively.

The Accessibility Checker offered by Microsoft provides you with various communication principles that can help you make your document accessible also to individuals with disabilities.

Accessibility Checker for Office Software Users

For users of Office 365 software, Microsoft also rolled out Accessibility Checker feature. The latest version of this tool runs in the background as you work and actively monitor what you are doing. It also has the ability to alert you in real time if it detects an issue that makes your document hard to access for people with disabilities.

You can easily check the status of your file by clicking on the Check Accessibility button located in the Review tab on the topmost ribbon of Office software.

Tip: Whenever you Office Software kaufen (buy Office Software) for work or business purposes, check if it offers the Accessibility Checker with it so that you can easily check the accessibility of your documents.

There are various best practices that you should apply while creating documents.

• Include alternative text with visuals in your document, for instance, images, SmartArt, diagrams, videos, and embedded objects.

• Add useful hyperlink text and ScreenTips while using embedded links in your document.

• Be sure to maintain sufficient contrast for text and background colors. Stay away from distracting backgrounds and fancy themes.

• Try to keep your document as simple as possible. Rather than extravagant images, add simple table structure and specify column heading, and if necessary, also include row heading info. Don’t complicate the table with too many colors as it hinders communication.

• When working with Excel, choose unique names for all sheet tabs. If there are any blank sheets, remove them.

• When you are creating tables or presentations in Excel or PowerPoint, respectively, ensure that color should not be the only way of conveying your points.

• In PowerPoint slides, ensure that you name every slide uniquely.

• In Word, use built-in headings and styles to avoid any confusion or monotony.

Apart from this, Check Accessibility feature helps you to check whether your document is accessible to people with disabilities or not.