Basically, there are different ways to get an account in the UAE. Suppose you are an expat and live in Dubai. Now there would be two possibilities that you are working in a reputed corporation or a private firm at an executive post and second, you are an investor or a trader. So both kind of clients will be facilitated with different types of accounts such as:

• A business account for a trader or an investor

• A salary account for a job holder in a private firm

Both kinds of accounts are easy to open but here we are discussing the ways to open a bank account in Dubai for non-residents, so things will be handled according to foreigner special services. If you are have stepped in UAE, without wasting your time just visit the bank with all required documents or get any help by calling the customer service center of the respective bank. Look, if you are working in Dubai as a businessman then you can have a business account. If you don’t have a work permit, kindly fulfill your legal requirements so that to avail the bank account services. There is no other way to get an account in any bank in the UAE.

One can also get help from digital banking services to open a bank account in the UAE. This system is suitable for big traders and investors. Such types of accounts will take us to another debate, which is completely irrelevant to our main topic so let it be here for some other day. But on a little note, online banking is another important and mainstream area in the banking community.

How to save your assets?

The theory of offshore bank accounts is very simple but tricky at the same time. Such kind of accounts is available in Dubai and people from all over the world avail it in large number. Offshore banking can be understood in such a way that if you are living in Dubai with all your business and income. Now if you open an account in America or some other country out of your hometown it will be considered an offshore account. These accounts are beneficial for many reasons such as there is no tax on income earned through such types of accounts in Dubai.

There is another reason for such type of a bank account in UAE and it is political victimization in most of the developing countries. When you are in government nobody or any law agency will take a risk to touch you in developing countries. But as you come into opposition, every investigative agency and your political rivals will give you a tough time by highlighting your income and resources.

Through a saving account, we recommend you to manage your wealth resources first and then choose a particular bank which can give you the best interest rates and cheaper banking facilities. If you are interested in opening a bank account in UAE for the non-resident’s category, then Mashreq Bank should be your first choice.