The use of raised floors differs from that of hollow floors and is particularly flexible and versatile. As a result, raised floors can be used in industry, banks, electrical rooms, offices, halls and the like.

In this respect, the double floor is a second floor layer above the solid floor of the room. The raised floor is particularly flexible due to the modular construction of Raised Floor panels. The plates (which can be made of different materials) can be modularly expanded at any time to allow frequent changes to cable installations.

In practice, the raised floor specialists from TECBO receive many inquiries about their use in a wide variety of industries and rooms. However, the requirements of the different operations are very different and require a precise analysis for competent advice. Raised floors are particularly advice-intensive for industry with regard to loads (surface, point and nominal loads) and ventilation (ventilation panels) for machines. At the same time, the material requirements (e.g. conductivity, impact sound insulation, etc.) must be checked. In offices, halls and banks, our customers have special requirements for the coating of the panels. Electrical rooms (e.g. computer rooms or server rooms) must have a high stability for load absorption and must be easily accessible for the wiring of control cabinets, which is why we advise our customers in detail about the control room floor.