Looking for a custom made neon sign for your wedding day! We are the leading neon sign maker with hundreds of satisfied customers. These Wedding Custom Neon Sign can modernize your big day with their colorful glow Custom neon signs have a range of uses. They can make a beautiful statement at a wedding, help a business to stand out on the high street or make a fantastic

Want to light up your Wedding Day with a beautiful neon sign? We will create a perfect and unique piece of light for you.

Name Initial Wedding Neon Sign Features

❤ Bright and vivid colors

❤ Cost effective on electricity

❤ Environmentally-friendly material

❤ Maintenance not required for those love neon signs

❤ Touchable even when the light is on – safe for children

❤ Add happiness to your life

❤ custom with name initials to show your best wedding wishes

Perfect for:

-Wedding Venue

-Marriage proposal

-Valentine’s day gift

-Green Wall Backdrop

-Photo Call



HiNeon’s revolutionary Wedding Custom Neon Sign use PVC instead of glass. Even if it drops, nothing gets broken. Additionally it is dust and water resistant as well.

LED Lasts Longer, Saves Money

The lifespan of the average LED is at least 25,000 hours, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Traditional neon has a life expectancy of 16,000~ hours, HiNeon products triple that.