Your exceptional day requires exceptional service. Whether it’s for your bachelor party or for your wedding day, renting a limousine for your wedding party is the best way to make sure your event is unforgettable.

You are about to live a completely unique day in your life, and you need to make sure everything is perfect. Do not hesitate to book a beautiful reception place that is decorated with fine wedding decoration. To be the first one on top, you have also chosen an elegant wedding suit and a beautiful wedding dress.

It would be a shame to stop your efforts and not pick an exceptional car for all of your trips on the big day. Your wedding deserves the best, and in terms of transportation, is there anything more impressive than a limousine?

This is might be the first time you are considering renting a limo. We are here to help you make the right choice.

Why choose a limousine?

What drives so many young couples to choose a limousine as a method of transportation on their big day? To put it simply, it is the image of prestige and luxury that reflects this amazing car.

Exceptional transport for an exceptional day!

This is also the reason why many Bachelor parties opt for this type of cars. Imagine being surrounded by your friends, sitting in the back of a personal limousine with a chauffeur, sipping on a fine wine. You will never forget this wonderful moment!

Who to Contact?

We recommend that you contact a professional VIP limo service, rather than an individual. These companies have the advantage of being able to enter into a contract, and guarantee you a top of the line experience. Make sure your limousine rental agency has an official license, professional passenger insurance, and professional liability insurance.

Search for a company with a large number of limousines. You can then be sure you have a range of choice for the perfect wedding limo. Professional car rental companies have a network of professional chauffeurs, who are there to ensure top safety for your day trips. These experts will know how to take care of you both!

When to book?

Even before you choose what kind of car decoration will adorn your limousine, don’t forget to book it! Don’t think that you will find your dream model in one day. These kind of cars are actually very popular. Contact the company with your dream car at least a month in advance of your perfect day.

What kind of limousine to choose?

There are three types of limousines that are frequently offered for rent. First, the Mercedes-Benz GL for up to fourteen passengers. Then, there is the classic Lincoln which can hold up to eight people.

Finally, a new contender are Infiniti Limos, providing a comfortable transportation for up to twenty people!

Don’t forget to look for their internal equipment! Air conditioning, phone, TV, smoke machine, LED lighting, mini fridge, it’s up to you to figure out if you want to turn your limo into a real wedding attraction!

It is also necessary to consider the color of your transportation. The traditional colors of limousines are white and black. Black is the classic color that is rightly considered the most elegant. White has a more shiny edge to it and it goes along greatly with any kind of wedding dress.

What services are included in the rent?

When booking a limousine, you should inquire about the services included. Most packages charge limousine rental by the hourly rate, and the others depending on the mileage traveled. Don’t forget to ask the company on the way they charge!

When renting a limousine for a bachelor party or wedding, non-alcoholic drinks, water, and a bottle of champagne are often included in the package. A chauffeur is generally provided in the price of the service.

Remember to read your lease agreement in detail to know which benefits are included in the package to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In Conclusion

Limousine rental doesn’t come cheap. This type of vehicle is more expensive than the usual conventional cars.  Prices for wedding limo services may differ from $500 to $700,  and can even go above $1000 with services like luxury champagne or red carpet provision.Don’t forget to inquire about the agency’s policy for overtime. You wan’t to avoid unpleasant surprises on your big day.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious, elegant,or an authentic wedding, renting a limousine is always a great idea. Your wedding day should be imbued as the most perfect day of your life. Make it matter!