After hair transplantation; The patient is informed of the points to be considered by the physician performing the surgery. There is no reason why the hair transplant procedure should not be expected after the hair transplant. There are different periods during the 1-year recovery period. Each process has its own characteristics. The following hair transplant surgery is essential for the success of hair transplantation. The rules of hair transplantation make it possible to remove the hair in a healthy and fast way. The care of the patient after hair transplantation is also very important for the success of the hair transplantation. Careful and careful handling of the hair when it is most sensitive makes it the best result for successful operation. Everyone is curious about the process after hair transplantation.

Is there pain after the hair transplant? – hair transplant is not a painful procedure because performed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Kochi

Process after hair transplantation

# First 3 days – Healing process

The first three days after hair transplantation is the most important process. After a transplant, the patient is recommended to rest for 3 days without physically forcing. The first three days can be mild in the head area. On the first day, there is usually no pain as the numbing effect continues. Slight pain from the next day is relieved by the drug. During the first 2 days, the patient’s neck is bandaged and the transplanted area is open. On the first day, there may be very little leakage in the hair transplant area. Crusts start on day 2. The area where hair transplantation is performed should not be touched and should not be exposed to any impact.

# 1 week after hair transplant – the first wash after hair transplant

The first wash is performed after the third day. The first wash is very important. The patient relaxes after the first wash and begins to return to normal. The neck zone was opened and the small evidence opened there fully recovered. At the end of the first week, there is no wound image on the neck. In the transplanted area, the scabs started to wane with each wash. After 1 week and 10 days, these crusts are completely cleaned. drug use is completed after the first week. The first wash in hair transplantation is very important. If you are going to do the first wash, you must apply the rules that your hair transplantist says carefully.

# 1 week after hair transplant – Shedding Process of transplanted hair

Hair transplants from 2 weeks to 2 months after the hair transplant can disappear. It can be seen that some hair follicles produce a bit of new hair. Occasionally, numbness in the head may be experienced. During this time, the process called shock shedding begins and remembers that this condition is normal if some of your planted hair starts to spill.

# Hair transplant after the sixth month

About 50% of the hair was removed 6 months after the hair transplant. After that, the rest of the transplanted hair will continue to grow and your new hair will look fuller.

# 1 year after hair transplant

Now you have healthy and natural hair. Unless you have an accident or a serious illness, the transplanted hair will not shed and you will no longer have baldness problems.

6 important points to consider after hair transplantation

  • If you are going to travel after a hair transplant, you should use a neck pillow that fits your neck.
  • After washing, the area with new hair should not be dried with a towel. Use a hair dryer for this.
  • Hair roots transplanted during the night should not touch the bed, duvet or pillow. It is recommended to use a hard and small cushion.
  • Sports activities, sauna, swimming, solarium and all kinds of hairdressing services are prohibited for three weeks. Can damage the hair follicles, can increase the risk of infection.
  • If you are exercising (football, basketball, taekwondo, kickbox, boxing, wrestling, etc.) you should start these activities after 45 days.
  • After 45 days, all kinds of hairdressing services can be undertaken.

Hair transplantation is a medical practice, even if it is performed with aesthetic problems. Before doing this, you need to do a detailed research and find a specialized center. Otherwise, it is impossible to meet your expectations, as well as loss of money or even health problems. In particular, you should listen to your doctor about what should be spent on the next hair transplant treatment, use the medications regularly, follow his / her recommendations, and monitor regularly. It is best for you to do the applications that you are going to say by contacting your doctor rather than producing solutions to your problems after surgery.

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