Software testing types are the different ways and strategies that you conduct to check software or the application fully, each type focuses on a particular test objective with different test strategies. There are many top software testing companies in USA, who provide different types of testing to assure the high quality of the software and to achieve clients’ business goals.

Software testing may involve one or many of the following testing types depending on the scope of the applications tested and the budget of the software company.

Unit Testing

The main aim of this test is to determine whether the application functions as designed. In this phase, a unit can refer to a function, individual program, or even a procedure. It’s quite common for software developers to perform unit tests before delivering software to testers for formal testing. One of the biggest benefits of this testing phase is that it can be run every time a piece of code is changed, allowing issues to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Integration Testing

Integration testing allows individuals the opportunity to combine all the units within a program and test them as a group. This testing level is designed to find interface defects between the modules/functions.

System Testing

The goal at this level is to evaluate whether the system has complied with all the requirements. System testing is very important because it verifies that the application meets the technical, functional, and business requirements that were set by the customer.

Acceptance Testing

During this final phase, the user will test the system to find out whether the application meets their needs. Once this process has been completed and the software has passed, the program will then be delivered to production.