Extra-curricular activities help in the overall development of a child, besides keeping them engaged in something interesting. These activities are also productive in nature and the child learns important skills from extra-curricular lessons. Enrolling your child for music lessons is always a good idea. There are multiple options to hire a tutor for private piano lessons at home in Fremont. This article explores some of the key benefits of teaching your child piano.

Performing better at school

Multiple studies have shown children who play an instrument perform better academically as well. Enrolling your child for piano lessons enables them to score better in both spatial and standard cognitive development tests. Authentic findings also show that children who learn to play the piano perform better in subjects like mathematics, especially the problems related to ratios and fractions.

Piano lessons boost confidence

If you hire a tutor for private piano lessons at home in Fremont, your child can perform at piano recitals. Playing to an audience boosts the self-esteem of a child just like winning in sports competitions does. Piano takes both hard work and dedication to learn. In the process, a child can learn how to face challenges, one which can help them later in life as well. The child also learns to take up difficult tasks with high confidence and doesn’t get discouraged by mistakes or failures.

Developing better cognitive skills

Learning the piano involves a great deal of understanding. Enrolling children for private piano lessons at an early age enables them to develop finer cognitive skills. They develop better coordination abilities and motor skills as playing the piano involve both hands working independently at different speeds. Hence, it helps kids to develop dexterity and an intricate thought process. Besides, piano lessons also enhance a child’s ability to concentrate, which helps them to learn academically or otherwise.

While hiring a tutor for private piano lessons at home in Fremont, one should do adequate research to find the right tutor. A good idea is to check reviews online and ask parents of other kids for advice. Other aspects to consider are distance and tuition fees. Check out Talentnook to find various after-school piano instructors in your area so that your child can enjoy learning this exotic instrument right in the comfort of their home.