If you have gone through the previous articles based on BSNL then you must be already knowing about BSNL broadband in details. Actually, they are not in great shape at this moment financially but still, they are not giving up hope of gaining new subscribers. BSNL is the only operator barring Jio to gain new subscribers at a time while everyone is losing subscribers like water. This is a result of all the latest efforts and plans to lure customers with attractive offers across its telecom and broadband plans.

These new broadband plans aim to cater to those consumers who have restricted data usage and want plans at affordable price. These broadband plans start from Rs 349 and, apart from offering data benefits, also offer free calls, albeit in varying ways across different price categories.

Recently they have declared three luring plans.

1. The cheapest one costs Rs 349 per month. Under this offer, subscribers will be getting a daily data quota of 2GB at maximum speeds of 8Mbps. Along with data, the plan will also offer free calls to all BSNL connections. For connections in other networks, BSNL will be offering free calls worth Rs 600, after which the calls will be charged. Once the data limit of 2GB is exhausted, the users can access the Internet at slower speeds of 1Mbps.

2. The second plan costs Rs 399 and it’s pretty similar to the Rs 349 plan. However, there’s one difference – instead of making unlimited calls only to BSNL connections, this plan will allow unlimited calls to any network. Rest of the offers remain the same.

3. The third plan costs Rs 499 and this one offers 3GB data per day at speeds of 8Mbps. After the data limit is exhausted, the speeds are reduced to 1Mbps. Additionally, subscribers will be able to make unlimited voice calls.

3. BSNL has brought one more customer luring offer. The revised BSNL BBG Combo ULD 675 broadband plan offers 5GB data per day at 10Mbps speeds. Therefore, the plan now offers 150GB of data benefit per month, instead of the earlier prescribed 35GB data. Apart from the daily 5GB data, this plan also offers unlimited voice calling benefits (local +STD) on any network within India.